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Opinions of Thursday, 29 October 2015

Columnist: Kusi, Duncan

Pollster Ephson Should Stop Poisoning the Minds of Non-Akans

It is time for pollster Ephson to stop poisoning the minds of non-Akans who truly love their country Ghana and want to see change.

Mr Ephson has never predicted anything good about NPP but pyschologically and systematically using his position and profession to pollute the minds of those who have believed that it is the NPP party that can bring change into their lives because of its track records.

Ben should be aware that some people have been following his tribal comments that he has been making with the aim of bringing down the party so that it cannot win the 2016 election.

Mr Ephson should know also that not all Ghanaians are living better like him so he should stop diverting the rest of Ghanaians attention from what is going on in the country.

According Mr Ephson, people voted for Mr Afoko in order to build better relationship between the Akans and non Akans in the Party but now the party has suspended Mr Afoko from his position as a chairman, NPP should think of 2020 election but not 2016.

To my understanding, Mr Ephson is indirectly propagating against NPP so that non-Akan members and sympathizers would not vote for the party in the coming election because they hate non-Akans.

Mr Ephson should know that what led to the suspension of Mr Afoko is seriously dwindling the image of the party and someone like him (Ephson) would have used his scientific research method to know and advise the party on that issue.

Ben should remember that when the news came out that our courageous brother from the north (Mr Mahama), has been bathed with acid by the fugitive and the brother of NPP chairman Mr Afoko, (he) Mr Afoko immediately came out to deny that even his brother was not there when the incident occurred.

Later on, investigations unveiled that the NPP chairman's brother was one of the brains behind the criminal and barbaric act.

In view of that I am even expecting the court to order the police to arrest (he) Mr Afoko for questioning and let him also appear before court to explain to the whole country why he jumped into the case to defend his brother before investigations.

Also, Mr Ephson should remember that the former NPP chairman "Jake" is not Akan and he did his work well but loss to Mr Afoko because of false accusations from outsiders and insiders of the party.

I am from this end advising Mr Ephson to concentrate on his work and stop diving into the affairs of NPP party for non-existing and inaccurate information to poison the minds of people who want to see change in their lives.

I hope the word to the wise is enough so Pollster Ben Ephson should give us a break from his unscientific researched analysis.

God bless us.