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Opinions of Friday, 16 November 2012

Columnist: Nuhu, Kashaa

The Hypocrisy Of Abu Jinapor.

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It is very stinking, choking and puffing to hear people like Samuel Abdulai Jinapor, an aide to the flag bearer of the opposition NPP to open fire at His Excellency John Dramani Mahama. The most incomprehensible political gimmick by this young chap to win political point for his desperate NPP has further expose the hypocritical mind of Abu Jinapor. Politics they say is about numbers not necessarily the quality of the numbers. That is why parties like the NPP and NDC could win elections in Ghana since 1992 all the way to 2008.

Until 2004, Samuel Abu Jinapor of NPP, was a leading member of TEIN at KNUST, very vociferous, speaking and defending NDC in most radio stations in the capital of Ashanti until he was picked up by Richard Anane (MP for Nhyiaeso), to join a party he has long castigated and chastised when he was not even up to the voting age. Abu Jinapor today organized a press conference to accuse President Mahama and the NDC of frivolities. I pity the situation and ponder on how his senior brother John will react when they both meet at home. A clear grounds of hypocrisy on this guy’s part. Samuel Abu Jinapor with his NDC antecedence is just like given a dead body to a medical officer for diagnoses purposes.

Nevertheless, Samuel Abu Jinapor is a brother to the spokesperson of the President in the person of John Abu Jinapor. They are both siblings with different political beliefs by their affiliations. I therefore want to find out why Nana Addo, who Samuel Abu Jinapor speaks for has no other brothers, nephews nieces and children in the ruling NDC ? I guess the answer is not far from fetching. It is because politics is about numbers and all the figures within Akufo-Addo’s confinement are crucial and cannot afford to lose a single one of them.

Abu Jinapor enumerated a number of reasons including tribal and sectarian ones for calling the press to hear him out. Since Abu Jinapor is a defendant of the Nana Akufo-Addo led NPP, why does he run away from defending the NPP when his brother stands for the NDC? Does democracy discriminates between who deserve to hear the truth? Doesn’t Samuel Abu Jinapor need the vote of his brother John to clamour victory for his beloved NPP? I live the rest of the thought provoking questions to the good people of Ghana. Samuel Abu Jinapor, unlike his brother John Jinapor is arrogant and hot-headed. On countless occasions, he was sighted in the same car with his brother John Jinapor either coming from home or heading home. The big question is that, what possibly will these two brothers be discussing? Who owns the car they are driving and what means was the car acquired? Can it also be accepted that, Samuel Abu Jinapor is aiding and abetting crime as they (NPP) always accuse NDC of corruption? Could it be part of the corrupt money his brother John, used to acquire the car they are riding? Samuel Abu Jinapor by his political history is an NDC, who still has traces of NDC and harbored NDC and a direct or indirect beneficiary of NDC but only playing smart on the intelligence of NPP and Ghanaians.

The assembling of the Media by Samuel Abu Jinapor is a waist of precious time of the journalists who could have engaged in assiduous stories but appeared to hear nothing but crap. In any case, Abu Jinapor could have responded to these allegations peddled at the President when he left that obligation on Hamid Mustapha to engage his brother John. Is Samuel Abu Jinapor not also a communication member of the NPP? He might have organized this press briefing because he has been in the wilderness in this political season for quite sometime and wish to be heard by his boss who pays his school fees at the law school. Abu Jinapor wants to dine with the devil and the Lord at the same time hence playing this hypocrisy to cover his deeds. I asked, is Abu Jinapor more NPP than the all silent Alan K?

If this press call was necessary and not a show of academic prowess by the few cramp of knowledge gathered by this chap at the law School, which will soon be exhausted, and enjoyment of media coverage, it should have been immediately done after his brother was defending the President after reprisal attacks by Hamid Mustapha or better still should have engaged the brother to express his vituperations. Samuel Jinapor deep down his heart know the kind of disservice he is doing to Nana Addo and the NPP but veiled them by his unscrupulous chants in the media to avoid detection. This Abu is nothing but a traitor who only shuns people away from NPP and Nana Addo to skew his agenda through. Notable among these individuals include Mahama Haruna, a prolific one time journalist of the statesman and a former NPP secretary (Bole-Bamboi) who has worked tirelessly for Nana Addo and NPP until Abu Jinapor came from the NDC to sour their relationship.

Abu Jinapor is only echoing the infamous “Y3N AKAN FUO” and the slaying of Ewes and Gas by Super Ken as he calls himself, by accusing HE JDM of fueling sectarian and ethnic politics at the north to the media. Other accusations like establishment of sheanut butter industry at Buipe which has not produce an ounce of sheanut butter is the most tickling of them all. It surprises me the double standard Samuel Abu Jinapor is playing. Which one is his problem? Is it the establishment or the non production of sheanut butter? In any case, Buipe is Samuel Abu Jinapor’s hometown where his father is currently the Chief or otherwise of the area. This is an obvious hypocrisy that will attract the wrath of Ghanaians when highlighted. He appears in the public to condemn and rejoice in secret with the NDC. What a nation wrecker is this?

Such hypocrites have no future in politics. They will always remained political acrobats, somersaulting from one political party to another causing mayhem among party members whose behavior can never see the light of day to shine on electorates. It is therefore imperative to all the media houses with distinction not to waist their valuable time on such hypocrites who have no principle with no political ideology. I am sounding these words of cautions to Abu Jinapor to refrain from his deeds before his days in NPP become darker and his life very miserable after the reign of Nana Akufo-Addo in the NPP.

Soon and very soon, Abu Jinapor will be in hibernation since he is going to be a charlatan in the elephant’s family in the LIKELY situation of Nana losing the 2012 elections. NPP must watch out of this hypocrite who is likely to switch camp at the end of Nana Addo’s reign. I believe he has no place in the NDC again, may be he will be operating in the vacuum bringing his short unprincipled political life to an abrupt end.

Kashaa Nuhu.

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