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Opinions of Saturday, 13 December 2008

Columnist: Amanor, David

The Hallmark Of Glory

By: David Amanor

People of Ghana,

Praise the Lord. God has confirmed His election, redemption and glory upon our country. Election 2008 has set ablaze the light upon the nation. The world is aflame with the light and glory of God upon Ghana.

By and through this, darkness will flee Africa. Joy will fill hearts. The daughter of Zion will put on her garment of glory. Halleluya!

This development is however under pressure and threat of disruption and siege from the forces of Pharaoh and Egypt, and the Assyrians. We fear not their numbers. They have already been stopped at the gates of the city.

Nevertheless, we need to strengthen the defence of the land and stand firm by the standard raised by the Lord against the flood of the enemy.

Ghana is a land of beauty, a place of the peace of God and hope of glory, the working of the Lord God of hosts. Let us rise up as an army to defend the works, promises and glory of God in the land.

Let us pray for the peace and progress, prosperity and good of Ghana. It will be the hallmark of Divine glory upon the nation.

God Bless Ghana Peace be unto you.