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Opinions of Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Columnist: Alexander, Ayogyam

The Guinness Book Of Records must not lose sight of Nana Addo's record

Nana Akuffo Addo must be recognized and honored for making history in Africa and the world at large. Many flag bearers all over the world have made some remarkable inputs into the history of politics but Nana Addo’s record stands out tall. The record this man has made brings out numerous ramifications.

He is the only person in Africa-probably-the world seeking to be president to have maintained his Vice on the three occasions he has held the flag for his political party. This shows clearly that Nana Addo is accommodating, tolerable, reasonable, humanitarian, compassionate and kindhearted than any flag bearer ever we can think of.

Another ramification of this historic event indicates that Nana Addo is a real mentor. Let us compare critically Dr. Bawumia’s contribution to political discourse now and when he was first picked in 2008. It is clear that he has received a great deal of mentorship from Nana Addo.

Today he speaks and the government runs for cover.

He is the only flag bearer ever in opposition to have won more than 94% of votes cast in a keenly contested primaries in this country. This signifies that he is the most popular flag bearer in Ghana at the moment.

Many people admire his style of leadership, composure, equanimity, self control and his incorruptible nature.

He is the only flag bearer ever whose campaign promises was classified as “nonsense” and yet was adopted by his main competitor who won the elections in 2012.

These messages include; free SHS and Northern Development Fund. This shows clearly that the man Nana Addo is innovative, precise thinker and above all a man full of solutions.

Nana Addo is the only flag bearer in Ghana whose personality alone pushes diabolic public office holders to declare, confirm and pronounce themselves as prisoners far before he is elected president of Ghana. Clear examples are Madam Attivor and accomplices.