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Opinions of Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Columnist: Agyeman-Rawlings, Nana Konadu

The Growing Aspiration of NDP

The NDP is a Nationalist political organization which has as its main aim, improving the economic situation of our people and thus enhancing the prosperity for all.

Never in the history of our Nation have we been let down so badly by an incompetent regime which came into power through bribery and corruption like the NDC.

We, the NDP, have sworn to hold NDC to account for all the suffering our people have to endure through the corrupt practices of the present government in power.

We are convinced, the most important aim of a government is to adopt a policy which seeks to shape the attitudes of our people in order to bring about economic success.

Unfortunately, we have at present a government with no coherent policies.

This government has no good and effective policies on health as well as on road-safety.

The tragedy of 10,000 citizens at present suffering from the deadly Cholera epidemic is a typical example of the failure of this government on health issues.

Only yesterday it was published that 21 people lost their lives on Kumasi/Accra Road.

The Chairman, the Flag bearer and members of our nationalist Party wish to convey at this point our sincerest condolences to the relatives of the deceased. By so doing, we have proved to the public that we care whilst the other parties, especially the leading opposition party with their leader, Akkuffo-Addo, have kept quiet on these sad incidents. This is another evidence of how NPP and NDC and the others care more for their parties and what they can get from their parties than seeking the interest of the people of this country.

They talk only of party, fighting for party positions and indulge in nepotism. Nepotism in all government jobs. Nepotism in corporations. Nepotism everywhere. It goes so far that even distribution of contracts is given only to members of this party. Mahama has added another quality to this nepotism by using ethnocentrism, religion and place of abode, namely if you live in the zongo area you are welcome to vote for NDC for a reward.

Mr. President we give you 2 weeks to publish your regret at the senseless negligence of the Cholera epidemic and its preventive measures. Remove all party members from all public offices and replace them with able-bodied efficient Ghanaians.

The leadership of NDP will be soon contacting our lawyers with the view of suing the NDC for criminal negligence on behalf of the Cholera patients and those who met their untimely death on our treacherous roads.

We demand from the President to announce with immediate effect compensation for the dead and for those who due to official negligence have become victims of Cholera epidemic.

It has come to our notice that the government is about to give a huge contract to an Italian company to build houses in Ghana. We advise the government to immediately stop the project at a time when we don't have money. We maintain that, if the People are the source of wealth then the money should be invested into the People to go into food production. Once these people get jobs with their remuneration they can arrange with the banks for loans to purchase affordable housing of their choice.

We note that elections are coming and we will stop the NDC from using debt-ridden loans to get their kickbacks for elections.

We promise the People of Ghana, that we, the NDP shall relentlessly fight against NDC tricks and corruption.

In the 21st century we promise our People that our economy, when voted into power will be driven by creative, innovative and skilled individuals competing with each other for market advantage.

We appeal to all Ghanaians, especially the undergraduates in all universities to be on their guard against this corrupt regime and we entreat all of you to be suspicious any-time NDC speaks of "New Projects".

Stay tuned.

Mrs Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings,

Flag-bearer NDP