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Opinions of Sunday, 15 September 2013

Columnist: Agbley, Kennedy

The Ghanaian politics

The Ghanaian politics, I am always angry whenever I scroll through articles and opinions on this site (Ghanaweb). It gets me wondering if God indeed inserted a brain into the head of the African man and the matter Ghanaian politicians.
All news and articles is either NPP or NDC insulting and pointing accusing fingers at each other. However NPP & NDC are the same group of politicians who thinks and act alike. All of them are in politics for their personal gains and not for the love for mother Ghana. They grow horns due to their affiliation which some top members of their political parties and poison the minds of innocent Ghanaians to do their dirty bidding for them to win power. When is the African man going to learn?.
You hardly read any constructive criticisms from these two useless political parties. While most of these politicians are well travelled or were even born abroad, they seem oblivious to the good policies that developed countries have in place informing their development of their country and that of their citizens.
Ghanaian youth follow political parties for personal benefits and nothing more. Most of us the youth are yearning to leave the country because of lack of faith in our politics and politicians. Politics in Ghana is just for amassing worth. Over qualified Ghanaians are all over the world seeking greener pastures due to lack of jobs in our beloved country Ghana. We are blessed with all the natural resources that one can think of, yet we are lacking due to mismanagement and the greed of our politicians. When are we going to have a selfless political group in Ghana to steer the affairs of the nation?.
Shame on you NDC and NPP, shame on you all stomach politicians, shame on you all nation wreckers, God will judge you!
Democracy in my opinion is not for the black man. God bless our homeland Ghana.

I will be back. Concerned Ghanaian.