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Opinions of Thursday, 17 October 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

The Ghanaian Attitude Often Smacks of Ignorance and Cowardice

? Why do most Ghanaians feel uneasy when absolute truth is told? I cannot make head or tail of their negative reaction to issues and discussions involving the declaration of truth when the occasion requires.

? I personally resent the condescending attitudes of Ghanaians made worse by political polarization. It is plain truth that the Mahama/Arthur-Amissah NDC-led government is perpetrating corruption in an unprecedented scale never witnessed in the annals of Ghana politics. What then is the beef of many, sorry to say, "educated illiterates" doubling as political sycophants, when former President Rawlings declares his opposing views and stance on this canker?

? Why should Rawlings, not have a say on issues affecting the interest of many Ghanaians? Is it because he was once worse than those that he points accusing finger at, pointing one finger at them while the other four points backwards at him? Yes, it is a well known fact that he once presided over tyrannical governments that saw many innocent Ghanaians disappeared from the surface of the earth prematurely. Yes, he once presided over governments that entrenched bitter hatred, villainous tribalism, perpetration of corruption, rigging of elections, murdering of judges and innocent persons he perceived as his enemies.

? However, he does those evils no more and even regrets for his past misdeeds. Do we have to hold him perpetually accountable for his wicked and murderous past to permanently deny him reconciliatory forgiveness? Even biblical Saul was forgiven his many dangerous sins that were far worse than those of Rawlings’. Additionally, Saul graciously had a name change – PAUL.

? Therefore, give Rawlings a break to air his views freely as you and I would do. Nevertheless, if he touches on issues, clearly expressing views that appear irresponsible and far from the truth, then you have every right to take him to the cleaners to be laundered spotless. For example, I find the praises he showers on Supreme Court Justice Atuguba very irresponsible. Upon all the biased behaviour exhibited by Atuguba, the flawed verdict he delivered, the unmatched case references he cited to support his irresponsible judgment, how dare Rawlings heap praises on him? Anyway, Rawlings is entitled to his views however outrageous they may be.

? It is simply an act of cowardice on the part of Ghanaians to continue to pretend all is well in Ghana when indeed, Mahama with his "stealer brigade" is depleting the coffers of the nation. Ghanaians should not continue to be timid as though someone is holding the gun to their head to blow it open as soon as they declare openly that Mahama and his NDC government and party are corrupt.

? Dr Togbe Avaklaasu J.J. Rawlings is right on this very submission. ? ? ? Rockson

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