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Opinions of Thursday, 29 October 2020

Columnist: Dr E.K.Hayford

Credible elections amid 'All Die Be Die? Violence in Odododiodioo

NPP and NDC youth clashed at Odododiodio in the Greater Accra region NPP and NDC youth clashed at Odododiodio in the Greater Accra region


The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-GH) is worried about the increasing rate of violence in Ghana during this pre-election period. Indeed, the violence exposes the lack of basic appreciation of the concept of internal security operations, during the pre-election period, by the President. Forcing Police and Army to take positions at the borders at this critical time, and the show of force and strength to intimidate citizens is the wrong signal to a credible free and fair election.

Terror overcomes Court

A few years ago, Delta Forces and Invisible Forces chased the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator out of his office. The court handling the case was violently overrun, putting the sitting Judge to flight and freeing the criminals. As I write not even one person has been convicted.

Ayawaso Militia Operation

Subsequent series of violent attacks, including the Ayawaso by-election terror attack, perpetrated by private NPP militia using police vehicles. They attacked and shot innocent citizens pouring out to vote. As I write no one has been apprehended or convicted. The report of the Commission on this violence has since been presented to the President and shelved.

The Dead crying for Justice

Last month, a whole Minister pulled a gun and shot to dispel a harmless crowd at a Kasoa registration centre; no one raised a finger of condemnation; and the Minister is running around unpunished, hoping to fire again during the election. The kidnapping and killing of two Takoradi school girls; the killing of late Major Mahama the killing of Ahmed Soare, a journalist; the killing of late Addo Dankwa, the former member of Parliament for Kibi; the killing of the former member of Parliament for Mankesim late Ekow Hayford, and many other killings are all crying for justice.

Episode at Odododiodioo

Just this week, at Bukom in Accra, was the Odododiodioo episode. A political walk on Sunday by NDC members turned violent at Blue Gate as a result of NPP infiltration. Stones and bottles were thrown at each other, and people were shot and wounded. The shooting was captured on video. The police, to the surprise of many, is yet to arrest the man caught on video shooting.

CDG-GH`s Advice

CDG-GH will advise Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo`s Government, to look across its shoulder for a credible pre-election security concept from countries like Sweden, Norway and Germany where the perpetual peaceful election is normative.