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Opinions of Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Columnist: Agbodza, Christian

The Ghana ‘Army’ Must Respond Now To The Stool

Long Live Okyenhene Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panyin II! Since his message on the disconnects and foreign ownership in the Ghana habitat went out on Ghanaweb on Wednesday 5th October 2011, sourced to Citifmonline, Ghana’s global ‘army’ have all being gravely silent.
The need of the Chiefs and nationalities of Ghana for the retention of human dignity and self-esteem (pride) in their connected Afrika habitat is the founding force of the clarion call of His Royal Majesty, King of Akyem Abuakwa. The most revered Okyenhene, who sits on the Ofori Panyin Stool, an embodiment of the soul of the Asona nation and a Referent Authority for the Asona Clan and what they like as a nationality of Ghana in the Afrika habitat, has drawn our attention to the disconnects afflicting all irrespective of political parties, faith or tradition.
When The Stool describes foreign ownership of Ghana’s resources and valuable assets as unacceptable, it is speaking that Afrika people are disconnected from resources they inalienably own, which intended presence i.e. banks and telecoms companies, merely and simply add value to. THE STOOL SPEAKS: is saying non-Afrika peoples’ ownership of our land and its valuable assets is not good for the Youth of Ghana; is saying the Youth cannot continue to be alienated from our resources employed in the land of our birth; is saying the ownership of Ghana’s resources and its valuable assets must be placed in the hands of our Youth; is saying our children inherit the ancestral Afrika habitat and all that it attracts therein.
Prevailing Afrika Stools across the Afrika habitat speak that the lands and resources of Africans are forever inalienable. The reference to The Ofori Panyin Stool implies it has spoken for all Ghana and our ancestors and progeny. His Royal Majesty therefore speaks for all nationalities in Afrika habitat more so in Ghana: the fount of inspiration for Afrika persons everywhere. Symbolically the Okyenhene Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panyin II has let out what the Chiefs and people of Ghana and for that matter Ghana’s National and Regional House of Chiefs see think and feel.
Remarkably, Okyenhene Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panyin II said all these at a ceremony in which honorary fellowships of the Boardroom Institute of the Graduate School of Governance and Leadership were being conferred on ‘our army of distinguished individuals’ in Accra, Ghana. This is remarkable because governance and leadership in Ghana by our ‘army of opinion makers and opinion leaders’ and ‘those who carry offensive/defensive weapons’ have not ended the domination and control of our beloved Afrika habitat by non-Afrika people.
Today, the 6th of March, especially, the nationalities of Ghana recall that when their son Francis Kwame Nkrumah the redeemer and champion of Afrika’s liberty and human equality arrived back in Accra, in December 1947, on the invitation of another great son Joseph Boakye Danquah and Ako Adjei, he found the chiefs and people of modern Ghana already determined to own and control what is ours. By 1947, our whole ‘army of opinion makers and opinion leaders’ including Komla Agbeli Gbedemah and Kojo Botsio, were confronted with the aspiration of the owners of Ghana habitat; the Chiefs and persons had an undying wish to attain national independence through self-determination and a political vanguard to organise them in their just struggle to be free, equal and happy. The blunt-end of this aspiration was the return of their privatised lands and resources which had been illegitimately taken away from their ancestors.
A result of a land, whose moving and non-moving resources, on and underneath, had been privatised in 1884 at the dehumanising German Conference of Berlin. Its resources had been illegitimately exchanged and traded; the human rights of her inhabitants had been denied violated and had been unable to live a happy life in their own land even though they owned the habitat. The overt and sharp-end of demonstrated pilferages of Afrika resources are: the Gold Coast Aborigines Rights Protection Society victory; the Suez Canal; the Zimbabwe land disputes and the looming revolution in Azania habitat; amongst others.
Since our attainment on 6th March 1957 of political independence from the Court of St James to govern ourselves, all the nationalities of Ghana, on this 6th March 2012, have a composite set of need which remain fundamentally elusive. Among others, the Court of St James [Britain] that was represented at Berlin was not a Marxist-Communist entity when it also actively participated in this illegitimate exchange and trade and the violation of the human rights of the nationalities of the Gold Coast, the Ashanti Protectorate, Trans-Volta Togoland and The Northern Territories. It was habited by capitalist Monarchy of German forbearers of Queen Elizabeth II who is to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee this year; who propagates a semblance of Parliamentary democracy. Our ‘army of opinion makers and opinion leaders’ are well-read on the subject of these non-Afrika Monarchs and their collaborators.
Ghana’s global ‘army’ Must Boldly Respond to the CLARION CALL from the Ofori Panyin Stool to use the tools and skills they have acquired, aligned with experiences we like, to return the Africa habitat to its owners and end the domination and control of our beloved Afrika habitat by non-Afrika people.
Note 1: About ‘Ghana army’: this Ghana global ‘army’ command and inhabit institutes of high/higher learning; of professionals in/from health, medicine, sciences, engineering, law, communication technologies, Finance and Banking, faith centres, Trade Unions and Workers, Commerce - shopkeepers, traders, Transport and drivers, the armed-military, agriculture, Mothers etc.. This ‘army’ is the creation of back-breaking toil and sweat of mothers and fathers of the different nationalities in the Afrika habitat of Ghana. The only purpose of their educating and sourcing these high-level literary scientific and technological skills, knowledge and experiences is to enable Afrika nationalities access the tools for making better decisions; especially in self-governance nation-building. The ONLY intended benefit remains improving quality of life, retention of pride and dignity and; the general happiness of all the nationalities in the Afrika habitat. Christian Agbodza is a conscript in the Ghana army of professionals - trained, skilled, and tooled to heave the Fante nationality Shield and Spear in defence of Afrika habitat. Forward Ever: on integrating ‘Ghana armies’ into a formidable force and; Backward Never: on prioritising those bearing offensive/defensive weapons of war, above others.
Note 2: About Christian Agbodza: Hails from Kpando of the Ghana habitat, and; a member of Convention Peoples’ Party [CPP] UK & Ireland chapter. Christian believes the success of CPP’s ideology is to save the Ghana habitat from non-African peoples’ domination and control; and the Agenda of the (P) NDC-(P) NPP Duopoly in power and their supporting minority parties is to keep power and will/can only succeed by killing the CPP roots in the nationalities who OWN Ghana. Christian believes the rejuvenation of the CPP Red Cockerel by its Ghana’s ‘army of opinion makers and opinion leaders’, Chiefs and nationalities of Ghana is to lead to a new habitat in which we own and control the land and its valuable assets and benefit from it. The CPP of today must initiate a politics of renewing its mandate by responding as appropriate to the clarion call from The Stools in the Ghana habitat and provide a habitable platform for Ghana’s ‘army of opinion makers and opinion leaders’.

© Christian Agbodza