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Opinions of Sunday, 17 October 2010

Columnist: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa

Is Nkrumah the Latest Prophet of God....

Is Nkrumah the Latest Prophet of God as “Massa” Kwesi Pratt Professes?

Poor “Massa” Kwesi said on Peace FM breakfast show with Kwame Sefa Kayi yesterday that his Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah is the latest prophet of God. In his ever continuing display of ignorance, Kwesi is linking politics with religion by subscribing to theodicy if indeed Nkrumah was a prophet of God as he claims. I strongly disagree with him because God does not endorse malism and human sufferings. If Nkrumah is ranked among the sacred prophets of God, then Stalin, Brezhnev, Hitler, Mussolini, Mugabe, Mao, Saddam Hussein, Kim Yong Il, Castro and Rawlings could all be prophets in prating Massa Pratt’s version of religious doctrine because Ghana under Nkrumah from 1960 was like Russia under Joseph Stalin. Those who did not see Ghana under Nkrumah can now clearly see it as it is in Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe which is no different from Italy under Benito Mussolini and Germany under Hitler. The legacy of failed Italian economy under Mussolini was saved by the Euro that encompasses all signatory EU member States of the Maastricht Treaty. Russia is still struggling as a developing country in spite of all their oil and gas supplies to many European countries including UK.

It is sickening to hear supposed “senior journalist” Pratt and some supposed knowledgeable people especially within the CPP-infested NDC Party pontificating that the 1966 ousting of Nkrumah’s CPP administration is the cause of Ghana’s woes. It has been quite unusual for especially journalist like Massa Kwesi Pratt and Kwabena Bomfe Jnr and many more to conclude any political argument without wistfully blaming Ghana’s socio-economic predicament on the fall of Nkrumah’s CPP with especial untold execrations on Generals Afrifa and Kotoka. Nkrumahist CPP/NDC stalwarts irrespective of their supposed academic laurels are indeed behaving like blind people who have all of a sudden lost their one-eyed guide in a wilderness. May I use this opportunity to inform and gladly educate these presumably ineducable mumpsimus communist Nkrumahists and indeed some of the general public who have been misinformed and wish to know the basic truths by providing them with the sumpsimus to set the records straight.
The Osagyefo is looked upon by some unfortunate Ghanaians who persistently look upon him and adulate him as the world’s sole claviger of political wisdom. People see him as a messiah who was supposed to have led Ghana to socio-economic Elysium beyond even the advanced countries of the Western world yet this messiah had earlier sensed potential premonitions of his failure from 1963. Under the influence of the late Techimanhene Nana Akumfi Ameyaw, Nkrumah had become extraordinarily superstitious. His vision to move Ghana from the Guggisberg economy into industrial-based economy fell asunder when he was goaded on by the Guinean deity whose equivocation was literally taken by him to pursue his African agenda. His fantastic disneyfied short-cut to his Organisation of African Unity stardom rather became a short-cut to Ghana’s socio-economic dissipation and collapse. Nkrumah spent huge sums of money out of Ghana’s reserves on his dream to transform African countries into his Union of Communist States of Africa purposely to provide military backing to Russia against America during the Cold War. Nkrumah’s agenda was indeed a forlorn hope. Nkrumah foresaw his imminent failure and Ghana’s doom but was inspired by reason of his superstitions coupled with his head strong attitude he desperately forged ahead irrespective of.
From July 1960 onwards when Ghana became Republic hence totally independent of British governance supervision and Nkrumah as President, Ghana began to derail in all spheres. His full-blown left turn to Soviet Russia was made overt and the Osagyefo’s condemnation of British and Western governments was no longer euphemised. From then on, Nkrumah started to subvert Ghana’s constitution and finally overturned it. Nkrumah used his all-CPP parliament made special obnoxious laws for creating a one-party State and ruled by these laws as a substitute for rule of law enshrined in the Barnes Constitution. By 1963, Nkrumah had created more enemies for himself from within his own Party than even he ever fancied from his silenced opponents. His self-induced hatred was epitomised by the plot by his own people including John Tetegah, Kofi Crabbe & co to bomb him at Kulungugu.
In 1965, barely five years into his independent republic Ghana, the Osagyefo shed tears at the Bank of Ghana when Frimpong Ansah, the then Governor informed him that Ghana’s remaining foreign reserves was only £10,000. The economy had dissipated drastically with little or no accretions made onto it by Nkrumah’s communist-oriented administration. This tear-shedding drama was made public in a documentary shown on ITV in London in 1992, a copy of which I have and I am in the process of making available on the internet and on CDs.
Between 1960 and 1966; Nkrumah had not the least time for Ghana. Ghana’s proposed development programme had come to a cul-de-sac for want of money. Ghanaian consumers began queuing for imported goods. Guinea Press of Ghana, (currently Ghanaian Times) officially printed counterfeit cedi notes as it has been in Zimbabwe under Mugabe. There was no more money for his profligate spending on his OAU mission so it would end there else the poor Ghanaian farmer and tax payer would foot his roaming bills. He had virtually spent all of Ghana’s reserves on his surreptitious Soviet-help intended OAU ambition, a copycat from the then shabbily and hastily established Soviet Union that was founded on no principles and no foundation at-all hence later crumbling and disintegrating. The Soviet Union is today a thing of the past, whiles Russia is existing in its shadows as an atomy.
Why would the Osagyefo, Ghana’s supposed messiah build a 26 km concrete road linking Accra and Tema at a huge cost when the road to his own Presidential Peduase Lodge was a death trap? Why would he spend so much on his prestigious motorway when the streets of our cities were dusty? What was the state of the Accra-Kumasi, Accra Cape Coast-Takoradi road? It took Dr Busia to start the Accra-Nsawam-Kumasi road, completed by Achampong’s SMC 1 The Accra-Aburi-Manfe road linking Koforidua was expanded to safe standards by President Kufuor among all other road infrastructure. The Kumasi-Ejura road through the Mampong scarps was another death trap kike that of Aburi, both uphill and downhill that was made safe by President Rawlings. How and why would this messiah pontificate free education for all whereas it was free education for only a particular ethnic group and the children of his cohorts? Could such an Osagyefo be a messiah and a prophet of God for Ghana? No country has taken five years to wrestle self-governance from imperial Britain yet Nkrumah demonises all his colleagues who commenced the struggle for self-government to claim glory. It took India 30 years to gain their independence in 1947
Russia has derailed more governments than it has been able to put on course; Russia has exploited more nations than it has ever attempted to assist economically and Russia has caused more remorseless misery to more countries than it has comforted yet supposed erudite academics and professionals with long titles conform to a system which Plato himself recognizes that his millennia old proposed political theory may not be practicable. Shakespeare has aptly and succinctly put it that “It is the eye of a child that fears a painted devil”
It is expressed in dog Latin as “De mortuis nil nisi bonum” (say nothing but good of the dead). We honour Nkrumah as our First Prime Minister and President but for as long as some Ghanaians continue to maintain their mumpsimus intended to mislead and continue to disregard the above solemn dictum and desecrate our family members and icons who have laid down their lives and energies to save Ghana from slipping into Communism at the hands of a despotic dictator only to be immolated such as Gen Akwasi Amankwaa Afrifa and Gen Emmanuel Kotoka, the Osagyefo’s misdeeds that sunk Ghana and cost him his Presidency shall be dredged up. Massa Kwesi Pratt should therefore stop prating around in his masqueraded costume of sheer ignorance and stop picking on Gabby Asare Otchere Darko at radio stations. Kwesi benefitted more than a lot under the CPP regime including free education which was limited to Northerners only. To cheat the system, Kwesi attended Tamale Secondary School though his father was a high government official who was capable of paying his son’s fees if he had to, so Kwesi would use all his energies and wits to apotheosise and pour adulations on his avatar.
Kwesi Pratt invokes democracy to defend his edicts as of right but he forgets that his Osagyefo curbed democracy to its lowest ebb similar to the Saddam Hussein interpretation of democracy. Today, Kwesi can criticise his political opponents thanks to Gen Kotoka and Gen Afrifa. However did his Osagyefo tolerate that?
Many of the lies these ignoramus tell include such as Nkrumah building Ghana’s Motorway before even the British thought about it. This has prompted me to tell the history of European motorways. The first motorway in Europe was built by Benito Mussolini in Italy in the 1920s, followed by the Germans in 1931and continued by Hitler. In the UK, the Special Roads Act of 1949 provided for the construction of motorways across the country. The M1 was opened to traffic in 1959 as a full length motorway covering over 300 miles however incident to that, the Preston by-pass had been opened on 24th March 1958 by Rt Hon Harold Watkinson. The Tema concrete motorway was opened to traffic in 1964 yet in Kwesi’s wisdom, 1964 predates both 1959 and 1958 because it is all about his Osagyefo.
Massa Kwesi goes on air to tell listeners that soon after the coup Afrifa and his inebriate soldiers slaughtered all the cattle meant to feed the Leather and Tanning factory in Kumasi hence the collapse of the factory. I challenge Massa Kwesi that the factory was operational to full capacity throughout the NLC era into the Progress Party era to the NRC/SMC1 regimes.
Kwabena Bomfe blames these political martyrs for the collapse of Ghana Airways and Black Star Line that these National businesses went bust following the coup in 1966. I challenge Kwabena that I travelled on Ghana Airways to London in 1985, nineteen years after the ousting of Nkrumah. Black Star Line operated into the SMC 1 regimes. Kwabena must therefore face facts and realities that Ghana Airways and Black Star Line collapsed under John Rawlings.

The eagles flanking Ghana’s Coat of Arms was the idea of Dr Aggrey in his poem ‘The eagle that would not fly and the name Black Star Line was plagiarised from Marcus Gavey’s Black Star Line freight forwarding company formed in 1924. It must finally be emphasised that no communist Country has succeeded hence Chinese economy is said to be growing thanks to Western investments and their massive consumer markets that have opened their doors to Chinese goods albeit tawdry therefore Ghana would never have succeeded socio-economically under his Osagyefo

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa (London UK)