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Opinions of Sunday, 23 December 2012

Columnist: Nuhu, Kashaa

The Façade Of The NPP Is Miles Away

The Façade Of The Npp Is Miles Away From The Proletariat

The New Patriotic Party leadership, who are viewed in Ghana politics as elitist, is millions of miles away from their susceptible swarming supporters. This creates antipathy for the Ghanaian voters to identify themselves with the Party. Whereas the leadership of the ruling NDC are regarded as patriots and can be identified easily with the masses, the leaders in the NPP can best be described as politicians with heinous agenda for mother-Ghana by many.

I felt very scandalous to know some professionals like teachers, nurses, artisans to mention but a hand full who supposed to discharge their professional duties independently, ended up swayed by the propaganda machinery of the opposition New Patriotic Party. The blame can not be fully attributed to these individuals only but the sort of information and education put out there by the NPP to win sympathy from their irate supporters.

It was very disheartening when I visited a Senior High School in the Ashanti region, the hub of the leading opposition party to discover the kind of political awareness tutors of that School are imparting into the Students. These teachers go to class doing nothing with the pretext that, the students voted QUALITY EDUCATION at the expense of the spurious FREE EDUCATION of Nana Addo, and therefore they are not going to deliver any quality tuition apart from the usual lackadaisical attitude during classes hours.

As if that is not enough, I went to visit a former co-tenant at a hospital in the same region to hear some nurses who ignorantly tirade that, they are waiting for casualty from any NDC jubilant to allow him/her unattended to bleed till death. I then asked myself; do these people know why they are paid by the tax payers’ money? Are they aware of the vow they took before getting into the green dresses? Or they think they are there to attend to patience perceived to be sympathizers of NPP? It was an affirmative conclusion to rubbish the assertion by many that, nursing profession is a call just as the clergy. I found it no surprise to see many quack professionals gaining grounds in our dear country.

Needless to say, these outbursts by sympathizers and supporters of the NPP are the upshot of the ill information by their leaders. People felt they are born into a party just like the way they grew to understand their parents’ religious beliefs as the truth, the way and the light. The leaders of the NPP are too distant from their cohorts, as such they find it difficult to link and understand the reality on the grounds if it is not coming from the quarters of the party. These gurus then dwelled on these vulnerable devotees to play on their intelligence to fluff up tension among citizens. That is a blatant abuse of trust by the politicians in the NPP who are making good use of “politrics” on their supporters.

To make matters worse by these politicians in the NPP, they organized a mammoth demonstration in Kumasi to hoax and hoodwink their teeming crowd to avert the potential punishment in 2016 for taking them for granted with lies and dishonesty by the NPP secretary on the eve of declaring President Mahama as the winner of the 2012 polls.

They again promised to storm the Supreme Court to have the declaration of the President by the EC overturned, knowing very well it is far from achieving considering the recognition and congratulatory messages poured in by the world leaders. These nevertheless are what they used to persuade their incensed supporters who would have finally turn their vituperations at the leadership of the NPP when exposed at the end.

The distance between the frontrunners of the New Patriotic Party and their plebs is so much widening that, they can never make the folly the leadership are making with them. Is it not so ridiculous to gear your supporters up to declare a losing candidate by the standard of the EC in pursuant with the Ghanaian electorates as President amidst cheers and jubilation? What education at all do the NPP offer their supporters? How well do they understand the electoral process in Ghana? No wonder the highly educated, well revered all over the world and eulogized King of the Ashanti Kingdom, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II made it categorical to reject their petition they intended to dump at the Manhyia Palace.

If the NPP could take off their suits for once and descend to the stratum of their loyalists to explain things to their understanding about the political situations, it will serve them and Ghana good than the skew of reality and truth into their selfish cupboards. If the NPP leaders were not so exclusive and distant from their grassroots, they should have prevented the rebellion which resulted in the torrent of independent press, smashing and vandalizing of cars and property and stabbing of innocent people with so much impunity.

It is increasingly becoming apparent to Ghanaians which of the two leading Parties understand democracy. After the NPP scribe, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie disgorged his empty threats about making the country ungovernable should the election results not declare in their favour which later, the NPP came back to apologize to the press for his insolence pronouncements but led the press to receiving molestation in the hands of their irate supporters. Sir John further threatened to cause mayhem should the Police make any attempt to arrest them for their shameful incitement of their supporters. Now, how does one reconcile the unqualified apology by the NPP and this coward audacity by the scribe? I leave this to the discerning voter to judge.

The leaders of NPP know more than enough. They should take the pain to educate, and inform their supporters to grasp the realities of politics in Ghana instead of the usual wordplay to swindle them. The market women, hawkers, fishmongers, farmers, and a cross section of Ghanaians who are loyal to the NPP must not always see everything good through the elitist leaders of the opposition New Patriotic Party. They must be able to read between the lines and identify without any prejudice with the stalwarts of the Party to add value to their lives. Let the supporters understand that, no one can declare a President elect or President apart from the EC. Ghana needs peace to outlive her peers.

Kashaa Nuhu