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Opinions of Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Columnist: Abotse, Kwame

The Energies of Kuffour and Rawlings

You can hate Kuffour for everything but there is one thing you can't
take away from him, the man is a damn excellent statesman...rewind to
Burkinafaso a couple of days ago to expresident Rawlings busily
tarnishing the image of his country by making very
irrelevant, derogatory and populist statements about 350 United States
Dollars salary,stolen lands etc. fastforward and pause to just a few
days ago in Germany where Ex president Kuffour was given a simalar
stage, Kuffour seized the opportunity to make positive statements
about Ghana and his former administration,never did he make make any
derogatory comments about the policies of the current Mills
administration or the previous corrupt,illegal coud d tat Rawlings
administration he took over from. This is just an example of some of
the positive and negative comments made by these two ex presidents.
The question resonating in my head now is, why is Rawlings so bitter,
he hates the NPP with a passion, and he is not even content his party
is in power and he will never compliment President Mills.On the other
hand his so called enemy Kuffour is full of positive air. Ex
presidents must be statesmen, they must seize every or any opportunity
to market thier country even if they find themselves in Afghanistan,
Iraq,Somalia or better still Burkina faso.

I pray Rawlings tries as much as possible to reflect over his style,
most probably sample the opinion of discerning people who are not
politically tainted and I am pretty sure he will understand. Perhaps
is Rawlings surrounded by sycophants who only inform him what he wants
to hear.

Mr Rawlings you can hate Kuffour with a passion, you can even accuse
him of the worse crimes of humanity but Kuffour is a true definition
of a Ghanaian statesmen and you are extremely opposite and I pray you
change your ways. There is so much you can do to contribute towards
the better Ghana agenda you founded. Ghana needs your positive energy.

Kwame Abotse