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Opinions of Monday, 9 November 2015

Columnist: Daily Guide

The Electoral Commission: Tendentious breaches

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Strict application of our laws especially is the root of most of the challenges facing us as a nation, the Electoral Laws being a prominent case in point.

The Electoral Commission (EC) has over the years been guilty of this breach because of its deliberate non-enforcement of the relevant laws pertaining to the operations of political parties.

The Electoral Laws of the country, given their importance in the sustainability of democracy devoid of chaos, should have been applicable. Unfortunately, however, the reverse has been the order. The falling confidence level of the EC over the years can be attributed to such breaches which unfortunately are hardly given the scrutiny by civil society organisations and other bodies in the country.

Otherwise why would we continue suffering the effects of the application of defective voter register? We are yet to show genuine proclivity towards ensuring that we do not repeat the mistakes of the previous elections.

When the so-called forum described by politics as a sham was held last week, most Ghanaians noticed how the EC can insult the intelligence of the citizens of this country.

Why would the EC give recognition to so-called political parties with no single office anywhere in the country? Such countrywide presence, which is for a purpose, is one of the tenets of the Electoral Laws and if the EC would flout it the way it did during the forum by giving recognition to such non-existing parties, then we have every cause to whinge.

Resurrecting moribund parties to appear before the sham of a forum tells the sad story about how the EC cannot be trusted to manage credible elections.

All of a sudden parties which have vanished from the political radar of the country had representations at the forum after obviously being invited to make a dodgy appearance.

Inputting questionable factors into a system and expect to draw credible results is unfeasible. There are names we would restrain ourselves from even mentioning, fearing we could be glorifying them by so doing, who had nothing making any input at such a forum; their comprehension of the subject at hand being suspect. What output should the EC expect from the contributions of such persons who claim to represent non-existent parties as per the Electoral Laws of the land?

Should not we do things right in the interest of Ghana even if this would not inure to the interest of some individuals at the helm?

Let those who are put in positions of trust conduct themselves in a way as to win public confidence because this is the best way to ensure the growth of our country.

African political leadership and institutions have come under various contemptuous descriptions from European and American academics and other observers.

While some of us especially politicians have reacted angrily to such descriptions, we can only be measured in our reactions, given the truism in some of such expressions. Egle, Reform Party and the others making inputs in the names of such political groupings and being recognised as such by the EC?

God save this country.