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Opinions of Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Columnist: Sakzeesi, Camillus Maalneriba-Tia

The ‘Devil’ Dies And Becomes The Angel Of God


“Since the doctorial awards, sharp and soft tongues have wagged day and night, commending and discommending, praising and dispraising, as has been typical of all human tongues”.

This opening quote to a highly emotional tribute, in honour of our late President may look absurd. But in this absurdity, belies the reality of the equation. The quote is the intellectual property of Professor Kwesi Yankah in one of his write-ups “WOES OF A KWATRIOT”, published in “THE MIRROR” sometime some decades back.

In his case, it was the envy of his fellows in academia in the Ivory Tower of the University of Ghana, Legon.

The late President, however, never-ever drew attention to the Prof. Yankah’s suffering. Maybe his very humble demeanour denied him bringing this type of episode to public domain. To be fair to Prof. Yankah, he was not unnecessarily trying to hype himself. He was simply sharing his experience in the academic environment of ‘violent’ gossip as a columnist.

So, we did not here anything negative coming from the Ghanaian public’s tongues about the late Prof – who finally became the President of Ghana. But as soon as he became the President of the Republic of Ghana, “sharp and soft tongues…wagged day and night, commending and discommending, praising and dispraising, as has been typical of all human tongues”

Sadly, apart from the good Osagyefo who endured tongue-lashing and physical assassination attempts on his life, no president in the record history of Ghana – has ever been insulted beyond human endurance, as our late President suffered. For on seconds, minutes, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, a tongue, if not tongues had very humiliating insults for him.
One would not have had too much of a problem if these ‘hot’ insults were coming from the opposition. For in African democracies, un-explained hostility towards incumbent parties in governments is a duty which must never be abandoned. And, unwillingly – we ‘must’ accept that. Even though most often they are full of malice than the purposes for which they are in opposition.
But how does one fathom, when one hears the most HOSTILE of HOSTILITIES coming from one’s own Party? When it comes to this understanding, the NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS has become the most reckless in this regard. Be informed reader, that I am a card-bearing member of the NDC. And that status cannot bar me from condemning the wicked manner we sent our President prematurely to his grave.
He was seen as a Professor “who did little; visionless; clueless, directionless…”, but who was seen later as a “visionary” lecturer in law who made them what they are today. Before this positive revelation, and due to political ‘ANIMALISM’, the mouth that sang these praises had the stench of an open pit of a waste disposal site.
However, the icy hands of DEATH took off all the insults which denigrated the name of a man called, Professor “Asomdweehene Evans Atta Mills.
“If I know my enemy is close-by, I would not put a stick in my ear”, Camillus. In the case of the late President’s fate, he had no doubt of visible enemies afar him, but he did not know those who were so close o him were the worst of enemies he could ever had. However, I cannot believe that he was not aware of the VULTURES within and without who were interested in predating on his ‘ASOMDWEEHENENESS’.
A mentally challenged friend of mine once stated that, “GENTILITY WITHOUT COMMON SENSE IS THE GREATEST FEAR OF A BEGGER”. My convinced understanding of what he said in those days has been deflated by what the current President said of the late President ASOMDWEEHENE ATTA MILLS. Apart from President Mahamah, others have spoken of how meticulous and firm he was when it came to taking major decisions after consultations. My friend’s quote is not, therefore, applicable to the late humble President.
This notwithstanding, the particular assertion by the sitting President ought to be doubted because there were, and still some dubious characters of the government who has from day one made it a point to fight for their parochial economic interest against that of the common good of the citizenry. And this is what gave the POWERFUL TOOL to the opposition to do what they did to him.
For some people within it are just there for sheer LUST for power who made them carved names the gentle Professor never deserved; “Atta Mortuaryman”, “Konongo Kaaya” and a lot of other sarcastic names that were assigned him. The opposition echoed them well-well.
One of them went further to describe the late President as “AKRONFUOR NUMBER ONE” meaning he was the” Number one thief of Ghana” . No leadership of the opposition had course to reprimand their people over such recklessness.
To be very fair and objective, former President Rawlings called former President Kufuor worst names including “ATTA AYI (a notorious robber who was later arrested). In this particular high-light of former President Kufuor receiving insults from Rawlings, it got to a stage where Kufuor could not contain him and had to insult-back thus, “ABONSAM” (the devil).
In the case of the ASOMDWEEHENE, he never-ever reacted to the millions, if not billions of insults. In fact he had the biggest of all hearts to have accommodated the unwarranted insults. Even in Parliament where we are supposed to have men of integrity, dwelt so low in these acts of moral and physical DIRTINESS. They booed, jeered and hooted the late President thereby ‘drumming’ him silent whenever he addressed them.
But at death, what are we seeing and hearing. The man who was so vilified, denigrated, demonized and ‘LUCIFIED’, suddenly became the ANGEL GOD had sent to Ghana. Viewing and listening to the tributes of praises heaped on his name made me break down several times over when writing this tribute whilst watching television.
In fact I wept not because I was enthused at what I was seeing and hearing – but the HYPPOCRISY that was loaded in them. But that is the human being and for that matter – the GHANAIAN for you.
Yes! We did everything possible to run him down but he received all still standing, and in spite of the fact that he had the capacity to sustain them still standing – we pronounced him ‘DEAD’ twice – and he also ‘RESURRECTED’ twice.
It was at this stage that his MAKER seemed to have said, ‘man, you have suffered too much, come and take a rest’.
But those who wished him dead in order to win political POWER ought to think again. For what they must know is that they only succeeded in over-taxing his heart but not his body. That accounted for his sudden collapse and death.
This means that if his MAKER had not called him at this time, he would have engaged in the pending vigorous campaign which would have meant more insults for an already devastated heart which would have led to his death, and which would have been too late for the NDC to be mourning as well as campaigning.
Therefore, much as we are morning our father, he – and GOD, see it to be a good omen for us of the NDC. For that matter, those within the Party who have variously contributed to the demise of our late President ought to repent for forgiveness by joining in the campaign to VICTORY. The fact is that whether they join or not the NDC is cruising on to win, and they will be left in the cold.
And to those who are still in the government and working negatively to run it down, the new President must stamp his foot firmly on them.
To the late President Evans Atta Mills, all I can say is that you have finally crossed the bridge where there is no more SORROW…you have crossed the bridge where there is no more PAIN; for the sun will shine across the river, and you will never be UNHAPPY again.
And to all those who in divers ways contributed to this unfortunate event may they suffer forever in their SELF-GUILTY feeling which is worse than capital punishment.
Finally, may the good LORD grant Dr. Naadu Mills and the entire family of the late President to understand that indeed – it is GOD Who gives and takes away. May He sooth their hearts and grant them the understanding to go through this time of pain.

Camillus Maalneriba-Tia Sakzeesi
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