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Opinions of Sunday, 19 August 2012

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

The Death Of President Mills Was ‘God-Sent’

"The death of President Mills was ‘God-sent’ because if he had died later than the time he died, the political fortunes of the NDC would have been affected." This was really said by NDC official and her name will be revealed in few seconds.

The NDC Party continue to blame Mills death on villification by his political opponents but deep inside the souls of those who hold sway over this party, the death of President Mills was secretly received in jubilation. The above quote was what the National Women Organizer of NDC, Anita Desouzza said about the death of President Mills. This woman is among the throng of NDC officials who have resorted to guff at the vicinage of microphones to blame others for the death of President Mills when Mills death has been received with glee when they close their doors and tears and sorrow turns into crocodile tears and laughter.

Some of these NDC People saw the fortunes of NDC dwindling with Mills as the Presidential candidate and did pray for his death. With People like Anita Desouzza and President Mahama who said,"The death of President Mills represented a change of the baton to a ‘younger generation", is it beyond the realm of any reasonable person to call for the investigation surrounding the death of President Mills when even the bumbling Castle handlers cannot give us the precise time of death? As long as the family of Mills led by President Mills brother, Cadman Mills and NDC administration continue to fight against any inquiry surrounding the death of President Mills, Ghanaians will continue to speculate how Mills died including murder or suicide ala Dr Kervokian style.

The political hypocrisy amongst Ghanaian Politicians is reaching its apogee with the creme of the Political Elites coming up with sauzy titles about why President Mills died. Dr. Akosah of CPP and Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom came up with nonsensical reasons why President Mills died.

"Mills Died Of The Cancer Of Political Hatred”-Prof. Akosah

"Ghana’s rotten politics ‘killed’ Mills" - Nduom

Where were these two when President Mills farmed out to his political neophytes and acolytes like Ofosu Kwakye, Okudzeto Ablakwa, Boamah Otukonor, Fiifi Kwetey, Stan Dogbe and others to insult and villify his political opponents and these people were rewarded for resorting to politics of insults? The adage, "Show me your friend and I will show you your character" should be a barometer when judging how 'ASOMDWE' Mills was when his communication team were rocking the boat to sink with insults and villification and the Captain of the ship was fast asleep.

It was not villification, political hatred,Ghana's rotten politics or any other malice that killed President Mills. President Mills died of lies for failing to level with Ghanaians and told us his USA Doctors have declared him fit like a fiddle to seek four more years when the Doctors have actually advised him to commit himself to the hospital for two months for rest and long term care and instead jumped on a plane and came to Ghana to jog at the Airport to prove how strong he was.

It was alleged that, a week before his death, some of his Medical Advisors have suggested to him to go back to USA again for medical treatment to which he had retorted, "Mabre, me nko baabiaa, Ghanafuo pe nsem keka dodo" To wit, "I am tired, I will not go anywhere, Ghanaians like to talk too much"

Sorry President Mills, you got Ghanaians wrong. We will all have prayed for you and foot the medical bills as we have done before if you have levelled with us instead of the lies you and your people fed us. President Chavez of Venezuela told his people he has cancer and sought a leave to go to Cuba for medical treatment which he has recovered nicely and is back at the helm of affairs in Venezuela, We will have prayed for you if you have done the same, instead your people including Kwesi prattling Pratt even became upset when the word "TREATMENT" was mentioned in the same sentence with your name in it. Medical treatment in Mills health became routine medical check up and woe unto anybody who dared to say medical treatment to robot Mills who was incapable of getting sick

Professor Mills died of gargantuan stupidity and not cancer of political hatred. Political hatred did not tell him to jog at the Airport when his Doctors told him to rest.

Political hatred did not tell him to stand for hours and answer Journalists questions when he could have sat down.

Political hatred did not force him to return to Ghana when his Doctors in USA wanted him to stay in the hospital for two months and recuperate.

Political hatred did not force him to go and inspect projects when his health was failing. When are these fools going to stop this crap?

Even my Kookoase illiterate "FA NKYENEBRA" folks will not behave the way Atta Mills behaved knowing his health was deteriorrating and resorted to that childish pranks he put up at the Airport, jogging to satisfy the gallery of his sychophantic supporters.

Why did President Mills refuse to go to USA again one month after his return from the same place? It was not like he has not done that before. Did he run out of excuses to tell Ghanaians after going to USA during Christmas time to talk to Investors? President Mills died because of lies and shame and when he really needed to come out and tell us the truth, he was too proud of a man to do so. Even the day he died, the lies machine at the Castle was in full swing when he was supposedly going to Nigeria for one day working visit with Nigeria President Jonathan when he was really going to see Pastor T.B Joshua.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas