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Opinions of Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

The Crisis Within NPP Will Expose Soon

The majority of the so called New Patriotic Party gurus (NPP) continue to think that the UP traditional party is their gig so they have absolute powers to decide and determine who gets what whenever they feel it is appropriate for them to do so. These individuals will soon acknowledge their Akufo Addo’s shortcomings first hand: his zealotry, his wild temperament and his penchant for sleazy tactics.

Yaw Osafa-Maafo and his cronies, who were behind Akufo Addo’s plots at the national delegate conference, have their wish. They are now thinking they will eventually have the hegemonic powers not only to influence the party as a whole but they are now the power brokers as the New York Stock Exchange brokers in Wall Street who have all authority they need to rig the nation’s fortune for themselves and their families. If their self-righteous Akufo Addo is elected as the NPP leader for 2009, these are the mechanisms put in place by these NPP gurus that allowed this impudent Lord Commey to take these draconian actions to destroy Alan Kyeremateng’s image at the national delegates’ conference at the University of Ghana Legon. This was excruciating planning against Alan Kyeremanteng within the NPP party. Ever since these incidents took place none of the party gurus has come out forcefully to critize this Lord Commey’s idiotic actions. They have no potential strength to bring people together but only to foster their self-interest, which is going to create a great dysfunctional situation within the party before this year’s presidential election. Because of their motive to keep silent on the issues and enjoinment of what took place at the national delegates conference hall, these NPP gurus should never lose sight of the fact that Ghanaian’s ancestors sacrificed themselves to build these UP traditions. Their descendents of the current NPP members from various constituencies believe foul play occurred at the NPP conference at the university of Ghana Legon and will soon prove to these criminals that their forefathers did not die for their egocentric political ambition and their insidious motives .

They have also implemented a good mechanism to prove these NPP gurus that they have no power to run the UP tradition. These aforementioned party gurus believe they have control over these party members whom they classify as underclass members. They also believes that they have influence to use their skills of foot soldiers in obscure places and organize votes for them to advance their cause to win the 2008 December elections and become overnight barons. Lord Commey the NPP National Organizer, who has many criminal histories, is already saying to friends that he will have a cabinet position soon after his Mafia boss Akufo Addo, who is not an electable candidate, wins the national elections. Such an idiotic individual has the audacity to even think of having a position in the next administration for his dubious part he played for Akufo Addo at the level of the national delegates conference. What a shame!. Akufo Addo and Land Commey thought they could get away with such indiscretions against Alan and his supporters Akufo Addo should be ashamed of himself to even consider himself as a winner for the NPP presidential contest. He can rest assured that with Akufo Addo the NPP will not return to power in the up coming general elections. Akufo Addo is a visionless, self-righteous and egocentric politician who will never have leadership credentials to lead a nation. Based on statistics from various constituencies around the country, the probabilities for Akufo Addo to win the general elections is 35.9%, which is less then 40%, unless his Lord Commey can help him to steal the elections.

As a result of this those UP traditional members believe the dubious tactics Akufo Addo and Lord Commey use to destroy a better candidate who will advance the cause of the UP traditions are saying Akufo Addo is not their man and they will never support him period. They will realize the effects of this crisis soon. As the saying goes “Politics is not about attacking your opponents and going Scott free but a great ideas for the pubic good and doing what is best for the citizens within the nation”. They believe in moral consciousness that Akufo Addo does not possess these qualities; that he and his cronies can sideline the one whom they trusted to lead their party and the nation.

From Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

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