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Opinions of Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Columnist: Boamah, Ebenezer

Afari Kwadwo Gyan Stop the Wizardry!!!

The Mills/Mahama administrations have always been lawless true to the spirit of an NDC government. They, the NDC are really a big cancerous tumor in the butt of the beloved nation of God, Ghana, the final resting place of the throne of the Most High, Yahweh on this earth. PNDC/NDC has been the ardent long lasting Assyrian/Babylonian enemies used of God, Yahweh to punish His people, Ghana for our stiff-neckedness over the years. We are the most hypocritical people on earth, strutting the highest form of godliness, and yet lacking even the tiniest essence of it. Our leaders, the priests and the prophets; the traditional and political leaders (PNDC/NDC excluded, they are pure evil, brood of vipers) are neither cold nor hot. They are directed by their stomach and useless ego. Notwithstanding, make no mistake, God the Almighty and creator of all good things has not, and would never give up on his inheritance, Ghana.

It is upon this fact that I, as the least of the men of God, seek to honestly an vehemently warn the man Kwadwo Afari Gyan who is and has always been in cohorts with the NDC, to stop with the immediate effect, he playing Balaam on Ghana, the beloved Bride of God. This man has always tried to cast a devastating curse on mother Ghana, having always been contracted by the NDC, from the time of Rawlings to date, just for silver. This time around the chief wizard that he really is (he can contest by any spiritual means if he would dare to deny this fact of him being possessed by a very tenacious evil angel of Satan) is trying his last bid by hook or crook to have Ghana plunged into an inferno by trying to create some superfluously costly but useless 45 constituency in the name of constitutional mandate, while he does not feel compelled to implement ROPAL . It has always been the wish of Afari Gyan to sacrifice the blood of Ghanaians to his evil god that he serves; and this is his last chance for such a bountiful party for Satan his master, and the NDC, his chief whip.
Stop the Balaam!!!
I will waste no time in going into the demerits or merits of the creations of these wannabe constituencies, every sensible or Holy Spirit led Ghanaian can smell intuitively that this Afari Gyan/NDC adventure is a well constituted recipe for disaster, God willing or not willing, come December. It is upon this danger that I call on all those numerous dignified children of mother Ghana who profess to be men and women of God, and I mean the pastors, prophets, evangelists, the bishops and apostles; imams, mallams and sheiks and the rest; not to mention the elders, chiefs and king; and all well-meaning Ghanaians and; foreign well-wishers to come out in any appropriate shape or form to stop the Afari Gyan/NDC calamity that they have conspired with the devil against Ghana. I must tell you that Afari Gyan is well motivated by the Balaam-spirit that indwells him even more than the perishable silver and gold for which he has so cheaply sold mother Ghana to plunge her into a very bloody chaos. If I were wrong why would such an oldman play the foolery and not realize the folly in the path that he is treading? Tell me, hasn’t he got some sensible wife to advise him; or yet some little granddaughter to cause him some sobriety? Is he on some medication or drugs that affect one’s judgment? I don’t think so, he is a willing housing to some stubborn evil bloody angel from Hell that must be exorcised back to his befitting abode or even be given an early shove into the Lake of Fire.

This is the Time, Men of God
Stand on your feet hypocritical clergy/imam who only rear their heads after the storm to make belatedly useless pronouncements, come out to exorcise Afari Gyan the Great Wizard, don’t act the bloody hypocrite like you did with the Kennedy Agyapong saga, or Kennedy whom you crucified will be declared righteous on the Day of the Lord at the great White Throne while you who call yourself holy would be assigned to the everlasting inferno that you might refuse to avert today. Act now, don’t be an anathema!!!

Wake Up Nananom!!!

Now, you ‘gye se begye ko di’ traditional leaders exhibit your wisdom and boldness of yesteryears, and stop Afari Gyan from putting fire to the heritage your elders bequeath unto you by their toil and blood, speak now or forever hold your breath. I call on the Asantehene to public or privately stop Afari Gyan. This is a litmus test to your wisdom, boldness and the essence of the great throne that you occupy, don’t something or forever render useless the hard won legacy of your forefathers.

Call to All Well Meaning Ghanaians

Now it is your call, fellow brothers and sisters, the enemy within is as a curse as the enemy without. Afari Gyan has sold your soul to the devil and his hordes the NDC. Please don’t wait for the pastors and the imams, and the tradition leaders, they may fail us, let us rise in all appropriate manner and form to avert this eminent disaster from today, during the elections and thereafter. Come December 7 let us purge ourselves of this PNDC/NDC cancerous tumor with our big thumbs once and forever in our history. They don’t care about us, for them it is ‘either we rule you or burn you’. They have put soo many bloody ploys in place to rig the elections: may the Almighty expose and defuse them all! God bless those who have started the battle already to stop Afari Gyan, more divine grace to your elbow. The other opposition parties must sit up; they must stop behaving as though they have nothing at stake. If they are too foolish to know, they have their lives and that of their beloveds to save. I must say that whoever must act but refuse to do so, God will definitely save Ghana, His beloved Beulah, but will severely punish all traitors, their accomplices; and deserters.

God bless mother Ghana; and all the people say: Amen!!!

Ebenezer Boamah
(The author is a man of God, whose mandate is to national interest of all spheres, for ‘the spirit is not void of the flesh’).