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Opinions of Saturday, 24 July 2010

Columnist: Transient Justice

The CPP is BACK After their FINAL COUP.

After years of misery in opposition the CPP has final managed to win power. In doing so the CPP has destroyed the NDC! When Atta Mills was coming to power people thought he was simply going to follow the radical and unethical ideology of the old NDC but, we were all wrong. Dr. Atta Mills, a CPP man for over 30 years stayed true to his roots and, is now governing as the CPP presidential candidate that we thought would never come to power. How did this happen?

Dr. Atta Mills built a backbone of strong CPP men who surrounded him when he was in misery AKA opposition. These guys had joined the NDC by default because; they had no other home and, were realistic enough to realize the CPP was dead. Dr. Mills then managed to tame the radical NDC men into thinking he was one of them. In doing so, Dr. Mills managed to align 1950’s and 60’s ideological radicals with 1970/1980’s thugs in a coalition to win power. They did this through lies, deceit, intimidation etc etc. When Atta Mills came to power he sought out only the CPP men for his administration. These CPP guys are the ones behind Mills campaign slogans like “real wealth is shared wealth” which we now know to mean “real wealth is sharing the wealth of Ghana to enrich ourselves” etc etc. These dirty socialist/communist turned capitalist set out on a path to transform Ghana into a state befitting their dead ideology.

In attempting to do so, we have seen deals like the Korean Housing deal were they basically were willing to part with 10 billion dollars to build a measly 300,000 houses. These 1960’s radicals are working with ideas which don’t work in 2010. These Ideas have never worked especially in Africa. The Old NDC(1970/1980’s thugs) have thus not been happy.

The Old NDC(1970/1980’s thugs), have been sad NOT because they care about Ghana but, because, they have not been able to implement their mode of STEALING which is far more efficient than this CPP/NDC Administrtion of Dr. Atta Mills. The Old NDC(1970/1980’s thugs) simply want to create many government jobs for party men in order to oppress and, kill with impunity. These guys are the thugs behind the destruction of the last revival of the CPP which manifested with Limann as the leader. Thus, the ranting going on by the Old NDC(1970/1980’s thugs) should simply be viewed as the same tired noises that were made in the 80’s before Limann was overthrown.

The problem is Dr. Atta Mills is NOT Dr. Limann. Dr. Atta Mills is MUCH stronger than Limann, Atta Mills is stronger than Rawlings and Kufuor combined. He pretends to be quite but, when he hits you he will knock you out. He has stood up to many of the strongest thugs in this country and, has come out laughing every time. Nobody can shut Jato Boom up like Atta Mills. Atta Mills has rendered Both Jato Boom and JAK school girls, while he(Mills) eats Fufu and Kenkey every day in comfort while sleeping 8 hours a day. Jato Boom and JAK have not slept for months because, they are both broke and, living off the government and tax payers thus, they don’t mess with Dr. Atta Mills too much and, fear him.

Also, Dr. Atta Mills has managed to Deny Ghanaians water and electricity for almost 2 years and, he is not fazed at all. He will probably do it for another 2 and STILL run for reelection. Now, if that is not a tough guy I don’t know of any tough guys. A tough guy is not a loud mouth like Rawlings who gets on a microphone and, insults big men. A tough guy is a guy like Atta Mills, who can kill you while smiling.

Atta Mills is a tough guy and, used his methods to bring the CPP back to power. After years in opposition we finally have a CPP government but, our worst fears have come to fruition. Namely, the government is corrupt, the people get no services and, we are dying.