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Opinions of Sunday, 28 February 2016

Columnist: Seshie, Stanley

The Biblical commandments that forbid bionics

BY Seshie, Stanley

Generally, Ghanaians do not appreciate artworks in the form of "carved images" or sculpture. Our movies portray artworks in this form as mediums of Spirits, especially those designated as the Devil. If the Devil can torpedo things in heaven, then nobody wants it in his house via a "carved image". These movies end up instilling fear into society. Superstition reigns.

We have all read about Moses and the Ten Commandments. Believers tout them as moral guidelines from the believed Jewish Deity, Jehovah. Whilst some of these commandments are certainly moral anchors to hold onto for the betterment of society, like "thou shall not murder", "thou shall not steal", some are actually morally empty. In addition, a little reflection on them reveals their mental slavery consequences for strict adherence.

For instance, Exodus 20:4 of the 20:3-5 commandments reads, "you shall not make for yourselves any carved image or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth". What is the moral significance of this very commandment? It has none. Rather, it has the potency of enslaving the human mind as far as potentiality of craft is concerned. Let us find out.

When we see aeroplane fly above us, we see in it the "carved image" of something "in the heaven above". When we see vehicles pass us by on the road, we see in them the "carved image" of something "on the earth beneath". Finally, when we see submarines in the water bodies, we see in them the "carved image" of something "in the water under the earth". Of course, aeroplane, vehicles and submarines among others are technological inventions.

Yet, they are also artworks or crafts. They started in the mind of their inventors as functioning "carved images". In other words, these inventions would have been practically impossible if all people obey to this commandment of the Bible at all times. Technology begins and ends in "carved image" no matter the indispensable role of science and mathematics.

Inferentially, to obey this commandment is tantamount to unknowingly chaining the mind not to actively engage in bionics. Bionics is the application of biological principles and systems found in Nature to the study and design of engineering systems. Bionics is looking into Nature for inspiration and solution towards national development. What do you think will be the logically conclusive effect on a race believing in this commandment, teaching their children to revere it with strict adherence?

We can begin to see the fundamental reasons why Ghanaians do not appreciate "carved image" artworks. It must equally explain why we are always looking for spiritual solutions since the commandment inferentially outlawed bionics; looking into Nature for solution. It also explains why we are generally unimaginative and non-generational thinkers. From leaders to followers, carving out a meaningful future image for our nation and continent for collective pursuit and realization is the greatest problem we have as Blacks.

This is how far superstition ingrained in religion has brought us. As a people, we gain nothing in our indifferentness to superstitious beliefs about artwork as mediums of Spirits of whatever kind enforced via holy books. We only end up unconsciously crucifying the mind of our children. Yet we expect them to become creative, imaginative or innovative and generational thinkers when we teach them to revere and never doubt a book that command them not to make any "carved image" in the likeness of "anything in the heaven above or earth beneath or under the water beneath" to begin with. Is carving out a functioning image of anything of whatever kind in the mind not the first step to take in the creativity journey?

In the ancient world, the detrimental effect of Exodus 20:3-5 commandments on the Jews were obvious. Evidently, whilst the commandments have not in any way made them spiritually and morally superior to their neighbors, it made them intellectually inferior as far as craft-work was concerned. The dominant neighbours such as Greeks, Romans, Babylonians and Egyptians, who did not have their minds chained down by such stultifying commandments, flourish in artworks and inventions as historical monuments attest. In other words, the fear of angering the primitive jealous deity mentally imprisoned ancient Jews. They persisted in their superstitions even as their neighbours were increasingly becoming proto-bionic.

In our modern times, starting from the Enlightenment era after the Dark ages of Biblical rule, the Europeans through to the Americans have to see these commandments in particular for their mind crucifying potency, and statistically rejected them in thought and action. They freed their minds. In so doing, they finally strengthen the foundation for bionics, looking into Nature for solution.

This sets into motion the industrial, machine and now computer or information revolution. Freed minds engender generational thinking utilizing art, science and mathematics for development. Additionally, if modern day Israelis/Jews are now creative, imaginative, scientific and generational thinkers, it must certainly be due to their newfound mental freedom and pragmatic non-adherence to the Exodus 20:3-5 commandments in thought and action.

Paradoxically, what others including the Jews themselves are fleeing from, the African is embracing enthusiastically. Africans have taken over to become mental slaves as the ancient Jews did by fooling themselves as chosen people. We are reenacting the same primitivism under the umbrella of Christianity. Some people's outdated problem has become our albatross. For simply fitting well into our own like lock and key, the encyclopedia of superstition has become "Nature" for us. We are more Catholic than the Pope is.

We believed we understood it better than them even though they brought it to us. As they turned away from the commandments to master Bionics – studying Nature for solutions, we turn to the commandments to master "Biblionics" – studying Bible for solutions. Therefore, whatever they invented for their masses through Bionics, we invented superior ones like anointing water, anointing oil, anointing sticker and anointing "everything" because prayer is the key and miracle the rule through "Biblionics". Let the citizens especially the youth consciously disobey the Exodus 20:3-5 commandments for betterment of Ghana and Africa.


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