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Opinions of Sunday, 25 November 2012

Columnist: Nuhu, Kashaa

The Arrogant Abu Jinapor Is At It Again

I wonder which planet we are with this kind of insolence, repugnance, disregard for humanity and pure narcissism all over Abu Jinapor in the name of fighting for Nana Addo and the New Patriotic Party (NPP). Democracy respects equality before the law, rule of law, tolerance of each others views and respect for one another, irrespective of race, ethnicity or party colour. Abu Jinapor with his legal trained mind is still living in the dark days of no respect for the aforementioned ingredients of democracy. What will the lay man on the street of Buipe, his Home town does when offended?

Hassan Ayariga, the Presidential candidate of the People National Convention (PNC) stated categorically on TV3 mid-day news on Thursday that, he had received several threats on his phone via sms. He added, Abu Jinapor, an aide to the flag bearer of the opposition New Patriotic Party confronted him after the IEA final debate at the Banquet Hall on Wednesday and threatened him. “He came to me and said I will see”Ayariga said. This statement when made is usually pregnant. Anything nasty could come out of it. Could Abu Jinapor be charged with life threatening?

In a quick rejoinder, Mr. Jinapor, who was also reached via phone, said his posture towards Ayariga immediately after the Debate cannot be described as constituting a death threat.

“After the Debate, he walked to me and trying to shake me, I told him his conduct was disgraceful, embarrassing and disgusting,” Mr Jinapor said. I wonder how and where he had the guts and audacity to confront a flag bearer of a political party that has been in power in the political history of this Nation to make such annotations to him. This kind of reckless conduct from this supercilious Asante-Mampong born Buipe boy is tantamount to bigotry.

If a legal trained brain like Abu Jinapor could behave in this vulgar manner with contempt and disregard for all the elements of democracy, what does he expect a common man like me to do? Abu Jinapor’s attitude towards the flag bearer of the PNC is an apology to the noble profession with all due respect to this highly revered Profession. Abu admitted treating Ayariga that way because “you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you” Ayariga was deliberately bent on distracting his party’s candidate “with his cough.”Granted this filled egotistical chap is even right by his rationalization, does this warrant a death threat?

I am curious to know whether Abu Jinapor was the only NPP man in the auditorium. Is he the superlative thug of the NPP? Is Abu Jinapor more NPP than the other members of the opposition Elepants? Has he forgotten he is yet to hit a decade after his hypocritical acrobat from the ruling NDC in 2004? How can a lawyer conduct himself this way? What a shameful explosion!!

Hassan Ayariga is the flag bearer of the PNC; he is the younger brother of Mahama Ayariga of NDC, former MP for Bawku Central. Abu Jinapor might have been thinking Hassan Ayariga has a soft spot for his brother’s NDC by distracting his flag bearer Nana Addo “with his cough” If this logic is enough reason to attack Ayariga, then Abu Jinapor has been so much disingenuous to Nana who he feigns fighting for because he has a brother who speaks for the President whom his boss Nana Addo will be contending in Dec. Abu Jinapor is out there digging his own grave by his empty threats to political opponents. Hot headed politician has no place in modern democracies and advised Abu Jinapor to learn lessons from past hardened heart politicians. We no longer live in the era of powerful men but strong institutions. Hot headedness is long outmoded for political tolerance to reign. This 2012 election is going to be the last nail to Nana’s coffin, subsequently rendering Mr. Jinapor wretched in the NPP.

Ruthless Abu Jinapor’s threats to Ayariga are indictment on his political career and penchant to Nana Addo’s phrase of “all die be die” and “Super Ken’s” call on Akans to massacre Ewes and Gas. This uncouth attitude by Abu Jinapor towards the flag bearer of the PNC must be condemned to the barest minimum. This indicated how intolerable the NPP can be and bent on replicating this in Dec. to avoid the inevitable defeat that awaits them yet, touted themselves as democrats.

NPP must admonish Abu Jinapor and call him to render an unqualified apology to the leader of the PNC for his reckless posture towards him. Just as the PNC leader calls Nana Addo his father, Ayariga is far elderly than the 28year old Abu Jinapor. Courtesy demands that, we respect those older than us and accord them their position in society. PNC is no less a party, a disregard to its flag bearer is a markdown to the entire executives and members of the party.

Abu Jinapor must be called to order by the hierarchy of his party and his boss Nana Addo. He seems to be over-stepping his boundaries and biting more than he can chew. We endorsed election free before, during and after proceedings.

Kashaa Nuhu.