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Opinions of Sunday, 7 November 2010

Columnist: Bonsu, Akua

NPP Must Be Very Powerful

Akua Bonsu

It rained yesterday, and it was NPP’s fault. My sister is sick with pneumonia – caused by NPP. If it wasn’t for the NPP, Ghana would probably be located in Europe. That darn NPP. Why don’t they just go away? But wait a minute – then they would be blamed for there being no opposition party in Ghana. the more this NDC government blames the NPP for every ill facing our country, the more convincing it sounds that it is simply incapable of solving the problems. What is happening in Ghana under this out-of-control NDC is nothing short of a spectacular display of ineptitude and deceit never before seen in Ghana’s history.

So comfortable has members of the NDC become in lying that they do not even stop momentarily to think about how ridiculous their lies sound. First the NDC spends extraordinary effort in shouting about how broke the NPP is. Yet with a straight face not only does it does it accuse the NPP of spreading “Konadu Rawlings for President” posters, the party actually unleashes the hapless police to arrest some NPP members and charge them with the act. Even a brain dead person knows the NDC does not need any help with the current in-fighting. To that end, only why would anyone expend scarce resources to design, print, and disseminate poster in what amounts to an irrelevant campaign?

Just two days ago, the NDC was at it again. No one really knows what happened on that bus ride to Tamale during which some armed robbers were alleged to have invaded the bus and terrorized its passengers. The armed robbers allegedly ordered mass rape of the women by the men before they absconded into the bush. May be the attack occurred; may be it did not. But what makes absolutely no sense is for the NDC to blame the whole affair on the NPP. Only the twisted-mind can imagine what an opposition party stands to gain from masterminding mass rape on a bus, or alleging its occurrence.

Of course what would a blame game be if the master blamer of them all did not part-take in it? Rawlings is the only former president who can blame another president for sharing state assets with his friends while in the process of commissioning a previous government-owned asset the was “sold” to his wife during his presidency. He goes on to blame Ghana’s unemployment on his successor who actually reduced unemployment from 36% under Rawlings to 19% in eight years.

When the NDC was in opposition, it criticized the ruling NPP for everything that went wrong with Ghana. Today it is the ruling party charged with the responsibility of solving Ghana’s problems. Thus far, it has failed to solve one single problem. This is an administration that cannot point to one successful original initiative of its own after 22 months. Why is the NDC continuing to blame everything on the NPP after the latter has left the scene for 22 months? Discerning minds cannot but conclude that this penchant for blaming the rain, the salt in the sea, the Democrats’ electoral loss in United States, and even Asamoah Gyan’s missed penalty on the NPP is indeed the NDC’s way of saying it is clueless when it comes to governing. Either that, or the NPP is a very powerful party.