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Opinions of Friday, 11 September 2015

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

The Alleged Kumawuhene Issues a Threatening Ultimatum to a DCE

The alleged Kumawuhene, Barimah Sarfo Tweneboah Koduah (Medical Doctor Yaw Sarfo) has issued a threatening ultimatum to Mr Fuseini Donkor, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of Sekyere Afram Plains District. Mr Donkor has been tasked by the government to act as the DCE for Kumawu District in addition to performing his official assignment as the DCE for Sekyere Afram Plains District. This became effective the very moment Mr Asiamah, the DCE for Kumawu District, was ordered to proceed on compulsory leave by the government after the expiry of his four-year term in office as the Kumawu District DCE.

Why is it that in my view Barimah Sarfo Tweneboah Koduah is not the eligibly elected Kumawuhene hence addressing him as the alleged? The answer is not far fetched should anyone inquire about it. I will simply refer them to a YouTube posting titled, "Asantehene involves in corruption" where Kumawuhemaa herself asserts to have induced the Kumawu kingmakers with bribes to get them elect Yaw Sarfo as the Kumawuhene-elect. Is that bribery and extortionist action taken by Kumawuhemaa, although supported by the Asanteman Council, not constitute an infraction of conventions frowned upon, and made illegal, and punishable, by, Wellington Notes and Ghana Criminal Code 1960 (Act 29)?

Kumawuhene is never elected in Kumasi or by Asantehene as could be seen to have transpired at Manhyia Palace in Kumasi and same captured in the video. There were pending court cases and injunctions against Dr Yaw Sarfo and Kumawuhemaa before his dubious enthronement and subsequent gazetting as Kumawuhene on the orders of Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, an internationally known individual without demonstrable integrity. His track record both home and abroad is not any secret to the Ghanaian community. In many circles, especially in Canada where he is rumoured among the Ghanaian communities to have been declared wanted, he is simply viewed as a complete crook.

Barimah Sarfo Tweneboah Koduah (Dr Yaw Sarfo) has ordered Mr Fuseini Donkor to not allow the famously popular Kumawuhene Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V, to step in Drobonso or else, he, Dr Yaw Sarfo, and his elders will come out boldly onto the streets to protest. He gave Fuseini one week to ensure his request is carried out. This incident took place when Fuseini Donkor called on him, Dr Yaw Sarfo, about four days ago to greet and introduce himself to him as the Acting DCE for Kumawu District. Fuseini is now extremely worried. Should he, or should he not, carry out, Dr Yaw Sarfo's order? He is now in a complete dilemma.

To Dr Yaw Sarfo, I say, "Hwe nnie mponpo rekyere wo mmotoamu". You are a person without support and without a following in Kumawuman, a puppet as you are, yet you have the despicable audacity to issue such a stern order. Are you not making a mockery of yourself? Do you have a foot to stand on when your nonsensical order backfires on you?

Dr Yaw Sarfo had been using the police to intimidate Kumawuman people, especially Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V and his teeming supporters, but now the police have realised it is not their duty to stupidly unfairly involve themselves in chieftaincy disputations where the opponents are not at war. Yaw Sarfo is now crying wolf, picking on Mr Fuseini Donkor.

Will Mr Fuseini Donkor fall for his bait? Let us wait and see how it goes. He, who irrationally and always sets fire to bushes, gets consumed by fire in the end.

Finally, can I ask Barimah Sarfo Tweneboah Koduah's self-styled spokesperson the following question? Who sat me down as a friend, about five years ago, and in the course of our convivial conversation said, "Kumawuhemaa, Abenaa Serwaah Amponsah, has decided to enstool Yaw Sarfo as Kumawuhene but our family will not accept him because he is a small boy (meaning young man or far younger than most of his family members)? Additionally, he is a nephew and until the uncles have had their turn, we will never allow him to become Kumawuhene. This is in line with Asante custom which says, "wofa nom nnsae a wofaasei nni ade". Again, his father is a northerner (otani) and the townsmen and women will surely not accept him". WHO SAID THIS; I WANT THE WHOLE WORLD TO KNOW TODAY.

What he said or predicted is what we are seeing today and moreover, Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V was known and appointed by God while he was in the womb of his mother to redeem Kumawuman people from internal slavery under the hands of a wicked family or queen at a point in time. This is the gospel truth. Therefore, he who tries to shoot him down is only wasting his bullet; it will not work. "C'est une façon de dire".

My prayer to God is: Father God, I know your promises to your children always come to pass although they may at times tarry a bit. However, you know best and know why they take time to come to pass. Who are these humans, your handiworks that are trying to make you a liar? Who is Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II? Who are Dr Yaw Sarfo and Abenaa Serwaah Amponsah? Who are their cronies? Are you not more powerful than them? Will you sit and watch while they make mockery of your promise, thus, prove you wrong? I hope not. You will answer them in your own appointed time for the whole world to see that you have ordained Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V to be Kumawuhene. Amen

Rockson Adofo