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Opinions of Saturday, 19 June 2010

Columnist: Adabuga, Mathew

The 27th remembrance of the june 19th abortive coup

and tribute to the fallen heroes

We the survivals of the June 19th abortive coup and all patriotic citizens of Ghana would like to used this opportunity to remember the fallen heroes of that day,and to remind Ghanaian's that, the motive was to bring to justice the perpetrator's of those responsible for the abduction and killing of the three high court judges and the retired army major and also to bring flight Lt j.j raw lings and his pndc govt into probity and accountability.It would be recalled that, majority of the Ghanaians supported the 31th DEC revolution,notably the soldiers, workers, students and civil societies including the clergy .

This was base on the announcement by Rawlings and his socialist friends to Ghanaian that nobody should touch the hair of Dr Hilla Liman, this was a holy war and that he mr Rawling was prepared to face the bullet within one year if was not able to fix the economy of Ghana,Instead of Rawlings following the agenda spelt out,It was soon realise that a vendetta and witch hunting was to be unleashed on Ghanaians.whilst Ghanaians were ask to sleep at 6pm in the evening and awoke 6am in the morning with all the borders totally closed ,under the cover of darkness gold was being looted from the mines at night with the pretext of barter trading, the reasons given were that , an embargo was place on Ghana by Nigeria and the international community for overthrowing a constitutionally elected government, the gold was therefore needed for buying oil and merchandise to salvage the Ghanaian economy.One Abdalai station with the Libyans embassy was responsible for facilitating the transfer of gold to Libya.Another Lebanese friend of Rawling by name Riyad Hozefah was also active in the deal.The question to asked here is,was there any probity and accountability in this transactions.The june 19th was therefore to bring justice to arrest this situation.Unfortunately as destiny will have its course, the late major Courage Koblah Quashigah who train and made us soldiers would be the one to save Rawlings and his associates from the stakes. We the soldiers and ex boys would like to used this occasion to pay our tribute to the late major courage quashigah and colonel Ashiagbor who were fine officers and distinct instructor's at the junior leaders company, may your souls rest in perfect peace To the families of the 3 high court judges and retired major,, may their souls rest in perfect peace,and take courage,efforts are under way to bring the real killers to justice.

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