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Opinions of Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Columnist: Arthur, John

Thank You, Mr President

Indeed I was extremely excited when I heard the government of Ghana under the leadership of the able President through his impeccable Ministers of Information and National Orientation issued a strong directive against the intended conference to be organized by the Gay and Lesbian Association. This, as a matter of fact, has proved the perfect love this government has for its people.

Inasmuch as possible, gays, lesbians should not take over our God given country for a ride when the Almighty is now blessing the country through a good leadership under the New Patriotic Party. I really think the government of Ghana should be commended for banning this evil conference. Come and see the so called trouble the West are facing, because of these compromises. The Bible categorically states that a man and a woman should come together as husband and wife and as such be seen as one flesh. Paul even emphasized in the Bible that, if one does not want to marry, one can therefore stay alone. Let’s keep it up as a nation, and ask God to help us to develop because this is Africa’s time.

However, it is good riddance to rubbish that this conference has been nipped in the bud. May successive leaders show strong leadership when it really matters no matter the political cost. Good one Mr. Bartels and all our law enforcement agencies. What sort of indecency is that, some mischievous individuals will want to sodomise our sensibilities? There are rumours that some NDC cohorts funded by their founder, were behind this conference to use it as a political campaign purposes to win the majority of Ghanaians who are anti-sodomy. Quick thinking, good judgment, sniff and strong decision has averted this scourge on us, Good one NPP and God bless you forever and ever. Amen.

More so, I want to use this platform to advise the Ministry of Education, Science and Environment to denounce this idiotic practice in our Basic Schools, Second-Cycle Institutions and even our Universities in the country.

A story was told of a student who was in one of the reputed secondary school in the Ashanti Region and who as a result of this practice was operated twice in the anus for piles related problems. Eventhough he is now a director of a government company and married to a lady, he still hides behind his wife to involve in this act.

I therefore, want to urge all Ghanaians to rally behind this government and clean the economy by punishing this gays severely when they contravene the law.

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