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Opinions of Friday, 10 January 2014

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Thank God Rawlings Is Having Sleepless Nights

"Ft. Lt Rawlings revealed that he had been having sleepless nights for some time now and that not even medication, both local and foreign, could heal him of his ailment."

Thank God for that. You are having sleepless nights not because you are worried about corruption which you are the number one culprit but you are having sleepless nights because the innocent blood you shed, the three Judges, common students and market women you murdered ghosts are haunting you. I do pray you live long to be tormented by the ghosts of the people you slained.

If he is having sleepless nights because of corruption, then he is not taking the right medicine. You cannot cure your tuberclosis disease when you sleep with somebody with tuberclosis coughing all over you twenty four hours a day and if he wants to cure himself, then maybe he needs to kick his wife who he helped to steal Ghanacan and all the UTC properties in Greater Accra Region including warehouses and 543 acres of land which his wife sliced and diced and sold to Real Estate companies like Regimanuel. Anytime Rawlings decides to talk about corruption, he and his wife should go to the mirror and check themselves before he burn the ears of Ghanaians with his outlandish stupid outbursts about a canker he is the 'numero uno'.

Rawlings is mentally sick. Seriously, the guy is a cuckoo and out of this world when he points accusatory fingers of corruption about others and leave himself out. Rawlings can sermonize and pontificate until the cows come home but some of us who employ our brains twenty four seven, three hundred and sixty five days know Mr "Probity and Accountability" has not accounted for the numerous properties he and his wife have acquired when he came to the Presidency with the only shirt on his back which was even a property of Ghana. Did this kleptomaniac murderer not take seventeen cars when he was leaving the Presidency? Was it right for Rawlings to give the Abosso Glass factory to his Togolese Cousin Gilchrist Olympio who destroyed that company before President Kuffour took it away from him?

Can Mr Probity and Accountability Rawlings tell us where he got almost one million dollars to educate his four children from the secondary school level to post graduate degrees in United Kingdom and USA? Who is the friend who supposedly paid to educate his children abroad? Rawlings tried to give Pwalagu Tomato Factory to one of his friends from Ireland in exchange for him educating his children abroad for him but the man took a look at the factory and refused the deal so what did Rawlings give to his mystery friend to get him or her to educate his children abroad free for him?

If Mr Probity and Accountability Rawlings is a Saint,what was he afraid of to pay Justice Annan off with the house Fathia was living in given to her by Kutu Acheampong so that an indemnity clause protecting him from being subjected to the same standard he used to kill others can apply to him? Rawlings practically threw Fathia, the wife of our first President, Nkrumah out of her house and shamelessly gave it to Annan who smuggled the indemnity clause into the 1992 constitution to insulate Rawlings from prosecution or to be subjected to the same standard he used to kill others. What was Rawlings afraid of? Sad Nkrumah and Limann supporters worship this mental case called Rawlings.

If Rawlings has any functioning brain cells left in his bastardized head, he would not be talking about corruption when he had shamelessly made himself 'fantabulously' rich by giving himself a carte blanche licence to steal which he maximized. If Rawlings want to be respected as a stateman, he should stop adumbrating us with his pyshological and mental problems because we have had enough of his nonsense. Why is he rubbing salt into the wounds of the family members who lost their loved ones because of his "armed robbery" he dubbed a revolution?

In the eight Army Officers he killed, we had pickpockets who were eliminated in exchange for the "armed robbers" like Tsatsu Tsikata, Kojo Tsikata, Kofi Awonoor, P.V Obeng, E.T Mensah, the Ahwois and others with Rawlings himself being the leader of the rampaging armed robbers who have retarded the development of Ghana because of his twenty years rule.

When People like Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and other worthless leaders of the world are being mentioned, Rawlings name should not be omitted. Now, can Mr Rawlings sit down and be quiet so that we can at least enjoy the piece?

Justice Sarpong