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Opinions of Thursday, 20 December 2007

Columnist: Amofa, Yaw Barima

Ten Reasons why NPP must go

In 2000, when NPP assumed power, it was like a dream come true for Ghanaians! The massive public goodwill they had, if they had managed it well, was enough to last them for ten terms of office; but like the biblical prodigal son, they whittled all away haphazardly!

1. Dithering : The only thing that NPP govt has done consistently since assuming power is inconsistence. NPP govt from its early days have dithered in most of its policies. They say one thing and do another. One day they want to decongest the cities, and another time, let the people who were removed, return to recongest, they issue orders for illegal structures to be demolished, and the next day , they backtrack.

2. Corruption: If you thought NDC was corrupt, then NPP has given a new dimension to corruption. The Hotel Waa Waa etc. The flagship policy of Zero Tolerance of corruption has become full embracement of corruption. Nobody in NPP now talks about corruption; the President himself at one point conceded that corruption has existed from biblical times! The level of cash display in the current NPP presidential primaries confirms this! None of them is prepared to disclose the sources of the money.


Deception is a major tool of NPP govt; they use high sounding words to deceive the people of Ghana! Good governance, Micro and Macro Economic stability, Low Rate of Inflation, Freedom of Speech are all examples of high sounding words and phrases used to deceive Ghanaians. We all know that countries which have achieved micro and macro economic stability, and low rate of inflation have low unemployment, low cost of living, and high standard of living! We have achieved all these yet we are suffering. Trillions of dollars in foreign reserves yet the JAK is always out begging, so that we at home can get a “little something to chop”. Freedom of Speech in NPP parlance simply means let them talk, but take no notice!

4. Foreign Domination: Very soon foreigners will elect a president for Ghanaians. They are the only ones who are enjoying in Ghana. Foreign businesses are thriving whilst local businesses are collapsing by the minute and foreigners are taking over everything in the name of investment. We are at the mercy of foreigner even though we live in our own country.

5. HOLIDAYING PREZ: JAK has spent about a third of his term outside Ghana, on the pretext of seeking investors and attending meetings, I wonder what his ambassadors do, and also the numerous officials at our various missions abroad.. In fact if JAKs travels were lengthened out , it would reach the sun and back about six times so ensure that he gets enough per diem.. The few investors that he was able to attract are dubious ones who are only interested in turn-key sectors such finance, hospitality and minning, and all of them bring most of their staff from their own countries.

6. Insensitivity on the part of NPP govt! When majority of Ghanaians are crying , President Kufour had the audacity, the impudence and unmitigated gall to tell us that there is money in our pockets.; may be in Chief Kufour’s pocket Some bootlickers also supported him by saying that no-one will put money in your pocket! Yes, but if the govt put the correct structures in place, people can generate money for themselves!

7. Polarisation: NPP govt has through conscious efforts polarised Ghana as never before on tribal lines. This is seriosly reflected in govt appointments, almost everything the government does.

8. RULE OF LAWLESSNESS: The rule of law has also turned to rule of lawless. The govt is reluctant to punish wrong doers. This has encouraged all manner of people to engage in all sorts of things in Ghana. Armed robbery, rape, murders, drug dealing, you name it.

9. UNEMPLOYMENT: We won’t talk about JAK 100,000 jobs here. He goes round telling young people not to travel outside to seek jobs, because there jobs in Ghana! His govt is encouraging the youth to go into farming, but most of them also want to own hotels like Chief Kufour. Why didn’t JAK encourage Chief to go into farming? Today many young and qualified graduates are unemployed, not to mention those with little skills.

10. JAK was the man people admired when they voted NPP, he together most of the 18 aspirant couldn’t deliver, so I doubt if in their divided state, any of them can deliver!


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