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Opinions of Friday, 29 March 2013

Columnist: Amenga-Etego, Sacut

Telling our side of the story

- My second political attempt

The first time I run for political office, I lost the ballot completely
albeit, I enjoyed a good measure of fame. It was student politics in 2005
when I run for sports and Entertainment secretary. That campaign was run
haphazardly. With some creativity, I raised some little funds which barely
covered the cost of feeding my three - man campaign team. Nevertheless, we
did it. I particularly enjoyed the manifesto reading in front of large
crowds of students. The grand entry into the arena. And the accompanying
appellations from my ashanti friend and class mate Tiwaa Opoku
She added some poise to the entry with her surprise act which
differentiated me from the rest of the candidates. I wore a black jacket
and tie - first time in school. I became a spectacle for the many student
fans who showed me love - but not with their votes.

I also remember the deep and affectionate hug I received from miss Sefakor
Vowotor - my super star campus 'girl friend' that never was. She was
impressed beyond the point that she could not hide her feelings from her
friends when I met them in the crowds after the speech. She hugged me so
closely. But that is all I got. All that deluded me into thinking I was
going to win. I lost. And when I lost, I got a hair shave, an extreme make
- over, to disguise myself. I was completely stupefied. When my dean of
students met me the morning after the declaration of results, he was
surprised to see me smiling - and he said it, that I was such a 'cheerful
looser'. Yes, I am unlike some other politicians we know in Ghana. He was
happy to have such a good sports man as a student of his. Well that was
over seven (7) years ago and it marked the beginning of my political

Since then I have supported other people's candidature for political office
including some of my best friends. I even supported and actively campaigned
for the first female candidate in the presidential primaries of my
political party. I was my candidate's official polling agent at congress.

I have decided to run for political office - again. This time, it is
national politics. This time, I have experience. The ruling NDC is going to
congress in November to elect new national executive officers who will form
a committee to run the political party for the next four (4) years.

I have seen a weak link in the current national executive structure of the
party. It is the propaganda secretariat. The current secretary in charge of
Propaganda is Richard Quashiga who is currently preoccupied with
parliamentary duties. But even before then, he has been a pale shadow of
his predecessor Fiifi Kwetey who is my all time best propaganda secretary
of the NDC in the time of opposition. Richard Quashiga has simply been a
failure in his attempt 'to tell our side of the story' to the people. He
has been constantly reactive to issues that emanate from the opposition. He
eventually lost control to the government communications team which has
since taken over and are 'attempting' to 'tell our side of the story' to
the people. I believe that this very crucial branch of the party structure
must be rescued and the much needed propaganda WAR properly and
strategically waged. It is a very crucial psychological warfare because it
is the means by which political parties win or loose the hearts and minds
of the people to their side.

I can't imagine anybody in my league within the NDC doing it better as a
secretary of propaganda than myself. This is the bases of my ambition. So:
I am going to offer myself to be elected by the NDC delegates when
nominations are opened officially. There are two positions here. The
secretary and his deputy.

As a strategic move, I am running for deputy propaganda secretary. In four
years from now, God willing, I would've been totally prepared to take on
the full Job. I have revealed my ambition to a few friends and close
allies. I have also mentioned it on radio a couple of times. Recently, some
daily news papers put out a story about prospective candidates in which
included my name. All these little pieces of publicity put together seem to
have communicated sufficiently the intention of my candidacy - and I think
my rivals are unsettled.

I was sitting in the studio the other day readying for that weekly radio
interview that I have agreed to grant to Bobiyie Ansah on agoo 103.5 fm.
Whiles I was setting up my tools, an old friend of mine Peter Boamah
Otokunor walked into
the studio. Apparently he was just driving by the station and decided to
come up and greet - according to him. After greeting he said to me ' I hear
you are planning to contest me'. Whiles he talked, he was smiling with it.
He appeared to have a 'sense of entitlement' to a certain position I want
to contest. 'What is your name', I asked him with a stern look, also
smiling. He was amazed by my question, knowing that I know his name too
well. 'You mean you don't know my name'? He asked me. I think he was now
confused - for a moment. 'Are you called propaganda secretary? or deputy
propaganda secretary?', I asked him. He laughed. He told me he run for the
post of deputy propaganda secretary the last time and lost to the
incumbent, and now, naturally, he wants to go back for it. But now he is
hearing about my candidature and welcomes it because, according to him, 'it
will make the race exciting'. Of course I bring excitement. But not only
that, I bring competence, practical experience and acumen. I laughed off
his bluff and suggested to him to perish his ambitions immediately to avoid
being mashed up by me in the elections. He laughed it off - of course! He
walked out of the studio not long after that with food for thought.

So: it will seem to me that my intentions have been sufficiently
communicated and the battle lines are being drawn for the start of the
PROPAGANDA WAR! I will soon put together my campaign team so I welcome all
volunteers on board to help present 'our own side of the argument'.

SaCut 'commandante' Amenga - Etego - Ghost Writer, broadcaster, multi -
media journalist and politician