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Opinions of Thursday, 13 November 2008

Columnist: Ato Kwamena Dadzie

Tamale Presidential Debate: As It Happened

I was supposed to be chatting with my friends on the internet as we watched (and listened) to the second presidential debate organised by the Institute of Economic Affairs. Sadly, my internet connection went off just when the candidates were getting on stage. So I opened a ‘word pad’ and started typing away ... Here is what happened, laced with my thoughts.

Jean Mensah, Administrator of the IEA sets the tone with a fine speech. She caps by saying, “May Ghana be the ultimate winner.” That’s what the debate is all about, right?

All the candidates look very relaxed... but seriously, Nduom’s moustache is ‘disturbing’. He looks good in his ‘fugu’ and cap, though. In fact all the candidates seem very well dressed. Blue is my favourite colour and so, naturally,

I like Nana Addo’s appearance better – not as dull as the Accra debate.

Cardinal Turkson speaks about how the questions were selected. He likes to ‘slang’ small so he says, “Gad” instead of God! Call him the slanging cardinal.Click here to read full article