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Opinions of Friday, 6 November 2009

Columnist: Avornyo, Bright Selasie Yao

Take away the boys

As Ghana's population keeps growing bigger and bigger, so is the crime waves expanding bigger and bigger. As the competition in the job market keeps on moving gradually into almost every sector so, is the small intake of employees In almost all the ten regions in Ghana, there are these boys called tricksters popularly known as "azan boys". But the most dangerous ones can be located at Kwame Nkrumah Circle and Tema Station in the capital city.Criminal activities have been in existence for years but it seems it is high time it is dealt with. These wicked and heartless boys have developed various strategies and are very brainwashed in stealing people on various occasions.

The 'azar boys ' sometimes pretend to be looking for directions to places they seem never to have been to in their lives. The most targeted victims are strangers who have never traveled afar. One frequent question they ask is "Please i am looking for this place". They are very attentive to see how you are able to respond to the question . If you answer in a way that depicts you are not a resident, then SORRY! So in the process, these boys are either targeting one's phone or money. First they will plan and send one person to the scene and when it seems like they are advancing towards the victim then they surround you and pose confusing questions. In the course of doing so, they snatch money or phone and they are done with you. What is most painful is, while in the course of playing these tricks , people around starring can't come to your aid because they would be beaten by these satanic boys. Other tactics they employ is giving out lotto numbers and hitting one at the back claiming it is one's fault for them to be hit. First, I'd like to advise those boys that the money they have acquired in the past years should be invested in some profitable business and put a full stop to heir inhuman practices.

Secondly, I would also be grateful if security personnel could be deplored to these targeted points. I can assure the people of Ghana that there would be no need for us to walk in fear. BRIGHT SELASIE YAO AVORNYO GHANA INSTITUTE OF JOURNALISM