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Opinions of Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Columnist: Ato Kwamena Dadzie

THE OUTSIDER: Ban 'broni wawu', face revolt

Dear Papa Owusu-Ankomah,

I heard some disturbing news the other day. I am told you are thinking of placing a ban on second hand clothing, with particular emphasis on underwear – popularly known as ‘broni wawu pieto’.

I don’t think you wear anything second-hand. I have never seen your wife at the ‘bend down’ boutique so I’m sure she’s not into it either. I know your kids will never even be seen dead at a ‘broni wawu’ joint. So I am quite at a loss as to your sudden desire to clamp down on this all-important, inexpensive item of clothing, without which most of us will be walking around with unsheathed ‘langalanga’. Read full article