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Opinions of Monday, 20 May 2013

Columnist: Grant, Fiifi

TB Joshua Fails to Predict Own Tragedy

By Fiifi Grant..

"TB Joshua predicted...." this or that tragedy. How many times have we not seen such loud headlines on websites like Myjoyonline?

Yet when it came to a tragedy in his own church, the so-called "man of God" was found wanting.

On May 19, four people out of thousands of gullible Ghanaians died at Mr. Joshua's church in Accra when they trooped there to get so-called holy water that among other things would make them rich. Whatever happened to hard work?

So the man who with the help of media houses like Joy FM has been "predicting" tragedies around the world - after they have happened - could not predict that 4 people would die senselessly and another 20 would fall unconscious at the gates of his church, which some have called the Gates of Hell. What happened to his prophetic powers?

As one person asked on radio, this was the moment for the so-called "man of God" to perform his wonders, raise people from the dead and restore consciousness to the unconscious, even if he was thousands of miles away, but he failed to do so miserably.

This of course was to be expected because as many of us have said time without number, this so-called Prophet TB Joshua is a fake. He contributed to the death of our president through false prayers even as he himself enjoys the best medical care that money can buy. As if that is not enough, he has now turned his attention to Ghanaians in general.

But can we blame him for exploiting our gullibility? Ghanaians must be educated to know that only hard and honest work bring prosperity. They should ask some of the world's richest people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet whether they got rich through holy water or though hard work.

Our time here on earth is very short. We should make the most of it and stop following false prophets like TB Joshua, who plants people on the internet to challenge anyone who criticizes him and play him up as a "man of God", when in fact he is very slick con man.

As the Bible itself says, the last days will be characterized by false prophets. TB Joshua is a sign of these last days. Ghanaians should avoid him like a plague if they want to live long and be successful.

Wake up Ghanaians!

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