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Opinions of Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Supreme Court must cause arrest and prosecution of NDC bigots threatening judges

“Once bitten, twice shy” and “to be forewarned is to be forearmed”. On 30th June 1982, three Accra High Court Judges namely, Mrs Justice Cecilia Koranteng-Addo, Justice Fred Poku Sarkodie and Justice Kwadwo Agyei Agyepong and a retired Army Major Acquah were abducted and murdered in cold blood by some PNDC bigots.

The then PNDC fanatics and murderers, who were in military uniform, had no sympathy for these judges who had determined to let justice prevail without ever succumbing to intimidations and threats to their lives. For their resolve to be truthful to their profession in defence of the laws of the nation and the people therein against the prevailing injustices as were orchestrated by J.J. Rawlings and his “Abongo boys”, they became arch-enemies of the lawless revolutionaries hence their untimely shameful assassination.

Today, we have similar wicked persons who have no respect for human lives let alone, the laws of the land. They have come out to openly declare that they will inflict same fate as suffered by the above-mentioned judges on the current Ghana Supreme Court judges if they dared interfere with the duties and the way of doing things by the Electoral Commission. They have warned the judges in the country to steer clear of the Electoral Commission, to allow Mrs Charlotte Osei to perform her duties without any interfering directives from any institution whatsoever or else, they will hunt down the judges.

According to some Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn, they will “finish” the Supreme Court judges should they make any ruling against Mrs Charlotte Osei and her outfit (Electoral Commission) in the ongoing saga about the deletion of the names of the NHIS registrants from the electoral roll. They claim to know their residences and will not hesitate a second to eliminate them from existence same as done to their former colleagues.

These damned idiots who believe in instilling fears in people to have their way to ruin Ghana, as selfish, myopic and insatiably greedy bastards as they are, should be arrested and prosecuted without delay. This will serve as deterrence to most of the NDC rogues prowling the streets and corners of Ghana looking to harm innocent people all for the sake of silencing the suffering masses to pave the way for President Mahama and NDC to continue to rig election 2016.

I assure Ghanaians that these insane, uncivilized and absolutely jungle beings who believe in tyranny to establishing their laws and marking their territory will not be allowed the opportunity to have their way hence calling on the Supreme Court to cause their arrest, prosecution and possible incarceration for years.

What can be their possible charges? Could they not now be genuinely charged with causing fear and panic among the public especially, the legal fraternity? Could they not be charged with threatening to kill and inciting the public to kill, the judges? Could they not be charged with defaming the Supreme Court and thereby inciting the breakdown of law and order in Ghana?

The Montie FM radio station that granted the two NDC or PPP apologists airtime to spew their nonsense, laying bare their criminal intents must also be sanctioned.

I invite the reading public to familiarise themselves with the criminal views as expressed on air to not only the whole nation but also, the entire world by these two dangerous sycophantic individuals who for what they hope to gain, are calling for the death of the Supreme Court judges. Please check the web link below.

Their apology must not be accepted considering the magnitude of the offence and the danger inherent in their expressed views. The only appropriate dissuasive measure befitting their offence is a prison term. It is about time the Supreme Court exerted its authority to prove to these political scumbags with sharp evil teeth that it does not pay to be so evil.

These lawless entities parading the corridors of NDC think they can commit crimes with impunity because their party and President are in power.

Not long ago, it was all over the social media that a 65 year old Polling Station Chairman of NDC at Akpafu in the Hoehoe District has been apprehended by the police for killing and decapitating a 72 year old man. He is alleged to have said he was going to use the man’s head for rituals to help President Mahama win election 2016. This gory crime was executed upon the advice of a spiritualist asking him to bring to him (spiritualist) the head of a person who is of the same age (72 years) as Nana Akufo Addo.

Why are some little-minds going their own way to commit such reprehensible crimes? Have they gone their own ways to commit such crimes or they are goaded by some top NDC members to do what they do?

One thing I know is they must be compelled to do time in prison whether or not it sits well with President Mahama.

Rockson Adofo