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Opinions of Monday, 25 February 2013

Columnist: Akyeampong, Kofi

Supreme Court: No Unnecessary Delays!

Faced with the huge responsibility of determining whether the 2012 presidential election was manipulated by the EC to favour John Mahama or not, it is imperative for the Supreme court to come out with a swift ruling in order to bring closure to this embarrassing issue. That way, all parties concerned and Ghanaians as a whole can move on with their lives. This is not the time for dilly-dallying and constant adjournments in what I consider to be a make-or-break situation for Ghanaians. Let's face it folks; if you were to be President Mahama, how would you feel with such a huge cloud hanging over the presidency? You wouldn't exactly wake up with a smile on your face, would you? Definitely not!

I do not for one second think that John Mahama is a happy camper - not with his presidency potentially on the line. In the eyes of the general public, he may appear to be calm and all about business - but that appears to be superficial and very much in question. In all honesty, which one of us would feel happy and motivated when the position that we occupy is being contested in court, especially when the issue has to do with whether we attained that job or position legitimately? My point is, as long as this court case drags on, it is very likely that we cannot realize the full work potential of a President who has to go through a daily unpleasant mental ordeal of facing the prospect of being disqualified by the Supreme Court of Ghana.

Ghana experienced several setbacks and unpleasant occurrences during the late President Mills' era which some of us thought would be effectively looked into and dealt with accordingly by whoever became the next President. In the face of irresponsible and inflammatory comments by politicians, strikes and rumours of strikes, continuing intermittent power cuts, irregular water supply, constant accidents on our roads, mysterious deadly fire outbreaks and increasing armed robbery, just to mention a few of the Mills inherited problems, President Mahama's only response is the usual "lip service" which has been the hallmark of African leaders over the years. Is this "lip service" response to issues and the tendency to gloss over serious situations representative of the real John Mahama?

Folks, the man has to wake up every day with several disheartening scenarios running through his mind. Whether he is naturally incompetent or not is something we'll never truly know until this court case is over and of course, ruled in his favour, It is as simple as that. President Mahama cannot focus on his job and at the same time worry about the possibility of losing the presidency. That is why I urge the Supreme Court to come out with a ruling quickly because whichever way one sees it, at the end of the day it's Ghanaians who stand to gain nothing from a protracted court case. Naturally, NDC supporters would not be happy with the way their post-elections victory celebrations were nipped in the bud by the NPP court petition. A quick ruling would determine whether they can continue to feel good about the man the voted for or just move on with their lives, in the event of the ruling not going their way.

On the other hand, NPP supporters who voted for Nana Akufo-Addo would also want to find out whether there is concrete evidence that their candidate was indeed shortchanged by the EC. I am sure they also want to move on with their lives and a quick ruling is necessary to enablre these folks to move on with their lives without having to live with so much distrust of the political system. The onus is once again on the Supreme Court to dispense justice as quickly as possible without unnecessary delays. As long as this petition lingers in court, Ghanaians cannot remain united and we would have to deal with a distracted President who has to worry about potentially losing his job every day. Supreme Court, all eyes are on you - we urge you not to delay! God bless mother Ghana!

Prince Akyeampong, email: