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Opinions of Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Columnist: Daily Guide

Suffering in Kuwait

The story about Ghanaian ladies languishing as it were, in Kuwait and other countries in the Gulf States is not new.

It is known especially in the Islamic communities in the country from where most of the victims of the ordeal originate, after falling victims of mouth-watering advertisements on radio stations.

The advertisements are too juicy to prompt sneers about their sincerity. It does not take too long for the victims to cross the Rubicon by which time it is too late to retrace their route back home.

Even worrying are the amounts of money they have to cough out to agents who demand these before they are processed for the foreign menial jobs.

Many have been brutalized and sexually abused by their “owners” and masters who consider them as nothing but slaves who have little or no rights – a mindset they have acquired from their ancestors. This racist-steeped mentality is the reason why all who go to these parts of the world to work under the Arabs live to regret their decision.

While the situation is worse for the ladies, the gentlemen also have their harrowing stories to narrate.

Last year DAILY GUIDE published a story about a Ghanaian driver who was murdered and his remains dumped on the Saudi desert. The Foreign Affairs Ministry was alerted about the development but to date the good people of Ghana have not been informed about what its response has been so far.

We were excited therefore when the Gender Minister promised to intervene to have those suffering repatriated to Ghana – a wish they have always dreamt of since arriving in the countries of bondage.

We have learnt about how as soon as these persons land and handed over to their “owners,” their travel documents are seized and kept by agents who would not release same to them under any circumstances.

When these persons decide to return home, it becomes near impossible to do so; their travel documents not in their possession.

Here is, therefore, asking the authorities to regulate the recruitment of Ghanaians to such countries, especially the Gulf States.

A nasty picture of a Ghanaian lady who was forced into prostitution in a foreign country went virile last year. We have learnt about how house owners turn their libido on their Ghanaian ladies who cannot turn down the sexual overtures of these lusty men, sometimes sex-starved idiots. In some instances, these slaves become sexual slaves for others in the family also.

When the wives of the landlords eventually discover what has been going on, they are attacked physically and abused.

We have learnt about how the Ghanaian envoy to Saudi Arabia, with added responsibility for the Gulf States, had to travel to Kuwait to respond to the distress call of some Ghanaian ladies.