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Opinions of Sunday, 1 September 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Strong Reservations about the Supreme Court Verdict

I Have Strong Reservations about the Supreme Court Verdict but

Today, 29 August 2013, the Ghana Supreme Court has set an unprecedented election precedent for the rest of Africa and the world to cite in electoral case references. In the midst of plenty, Ghana suffers from hunger and poverty. In the midst of abundant credible documentary evidence, oral evidences gathered at the cross-examinations of the Chief-witnesses and at the clarification of addresses by the lead counsels, the Supreme Court makes a mockery of itself.

The Supreme Court has sanctioned but not sectioned corruption and election rigging from our electoral processes. This is evident from the verdict of dismissal of the petition filed against the obvious irregularities that took place during election 2012. They failed to apply the laws and rules pertaining to the election when rendering their verdict. It is only a fool and an educated illiterate that could not see that statutory violations were committed during the elections as verifiable from the face of the submitted pink sheets. These were confirmed by Dr Afari Gyan. He accepted them and classified them as clerical errors.

The Supreme Court shamelessly ignored the over-voting, non voting by biometric verification and all other compelling forms of evidence.

It is a shame that the Justices failed to demonstrate their integrity but allowed themselves to be lobbied by the NDC and President Mahama. Those that accepted bribes or allowed the NDC to lobby them to vote in favour of Mahama rather than applying the pertinent laws must bury their heads in shame. I know them from the reliable information reaching me. They know themselves. God has seen them and they will surely subsequently suffer the wrath of God, mark my words. They will never go scot free but likely will suffer some form of God’s wrath.

The evil that men do, lives after them. On two occasions a judge had the opportunity to demonstrate his integrity to make a better history for Ghana but he intentionally let the opportunity slip through his fingers. Was it by act of stupidity, hatred for a particular person or because he had been influenced by bribe? He was on both occasions the balance of power and on both occasions he chose to swing to the side of Mahama.

Any of the Justices who knowingly allowed themselves to be manipulated by bribes, favours and or hatred to vote for Mahama instead of applying the law and being very professional, should forever remain accursed onto death. May the very bribes they have accepted or the deliberate lies they allowed to cloud their conscience haunt them forever.

They should however have no qualms with me if they truthfully did what God had purposed them to do.

I do not want to sound blasphemous but may I question if it was really God that revealed hidden things to Kofi Basoah and other prophets or those that had dreams favouring Nana Akufo Addo. Does the God many worship really listen to their supplications? Does he hear the prayers of the needy and answers them accordingly? If yes, which I know He does, why has He reneged on His promise if Kofi Basoah’s dreams and other prophesies could be traced to Him? I am sure God is not asleep. He sees and hears everything but His everlasting patience is what is allowing those compromising justice get away with blue murder.

Lawyer Adreba, your Antoa deity should have struck as soon as bribery money exchanged hands long before whomever could sit on the case to share their views. Now, it is too late to cry over spilled milk. Even if the deity punishes any of the Justices who was influenced by bribe to result in the miserable dismissal of the petition, it will not solve any problem, the harm is already done.

The deity should have been proactive, acting before the person could have the chance to cause the damage in the first place. Are today’s deities powerful and up and doing at all?

Finally, the strongest animal, according to a recent one-day course I was on, is not the fittest but the one that can easily adapt to changing situations. Now that our supposedly learned judges have pronounced judgment, we have to bury our differences and help build Ghana hand in hand with President Mahama. He is now our President even if he rigged the election and we accept him grudgingly. We have to work with him for the betterment of Ghana and our people.

May God remember Nana Akufo Addo, Dr Bawumia and Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey and richly reward them for the good fight they put up on behalf of discerning Ghanaians. May the Supreme Court judges live to regret the delusive decision they have made today, 29 August 2013. Amen