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Opinions of Monday, 25 November 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Stop this Nonsensical Factionalism within the NPP

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When the discerning ones in the NPP are working hard, strategizing not only to garner more votes for the NPP come 2016, but also, working around the clock to neutralise the never-seen before activated venomous propensity to steal by the NDC, some NPP guys are rather acting suspiciously if not mischievously.

These malevolent persons are engaged in utterly stupid intra-party activist factionalism that has the potential to erode the gains of the party. The adverse repercussion of their myopic actions is to render in vain the immense efforts and capital expenditure already made to ensure the success of the NPP in 2016 devoid of any infliction of the usual daylight NDC vote-rigging of elections or other forms of robberies.

Nearing the end of, and ever since, the exit of former President Kufuor from the presidency, the NPP has come to confront with militating existence of havoc wreaking factionalism within the party. There are these two factions each vying to lead the NPP into government. They are the faction in favour of Nana Akufo Addo Dankwah, now known and addressed by a section of meaningful Ghanaians resident in London as DAVID, and the other faction supporting Alan Kyeremateng, alias Alan Cash.

I am in favour of DAVID becoming not only the flag bearer of the NPP but also, winning the election to become the President of Ghana. He has been winning the elections but very unfortunately, he is always robbed of the crown by the evil NDC people. This is obvious to any right-thinking Ghanaian who has brains to analyse things critically in the most appreciable manner without resort to party sycophancy.

What took place during the live telecast of the Supreme Court proceedings on Election 2012 should be more than enough evidence to absolve me of any guilt as may be harboured against me by those intending to disagree with me on my claim as just stated.

Many a Ghanaian has seen the good in David, how visionary, honest, dedicated, dynamic and sincere he is. He has boldly declared in public before Ghanaians saying, “I am not corrupt, I have never been, and shall never be”. No Ghanaian until today has faulted him on this declaration hence, he, being the apparent choice of the people until he decides differently.

David, the man who killed Goliath in those troubled times in the lives of the Israelites under the hands of the Philistines is someone that Ghanaians need in their trying times under the most clueless, but corrupt and tyrannical NDC administration.

I therefore do not see the reason why the NPP should allow their support for the above mentioned individuals to be such an injurious concern to the party. The discerning members of the party have formed their opinion already. They will go with David, the liberator.

Why am I that peeved to place this publication out, one may ask? When you proceed to my own backyard, Kumawu, some NPP elders are causing the most stupid but needless pandemonium with the potential to divide the party supporters.

The very elders are those that maliciously undermined the then NPP Parliamentary candidate, Philip Basoah. I even had the opportunity to try to persuade some of them out of such habits I saw as not only damaging to Philip Basoah, but to the entire NPP party, especially, Nana Akufo Addo, when he was himself also contesting for the presidency.

Their action is a calculated plot to inflict unprecedented malevolence on Philip Basoah for no apparent reason. He is not in the camp of Alan Cash as being injuriously bandied about by his rivals. It is all lies and I hope those engaging in such nefarious activities with the aim to slandering Philip Basoah will take note. I hope they do not seek to drag me into the ongoing simmering fray.

I may not sit back while they fabricate lies with the motive of not only smearing the MP for their selfish agenda of wish I am aware of, and may not hesitate to publish them if they dare me, but also, try to bring unnecessary conflicts among NPP members in the Kumawu Constituency and between David and Alan Cash.

We need to focus on uniting to win the elections than to causing unnecessary divisions that only serve the purpose and interest of the NDC.


Nana Sarkodie Ababio, alias DJ Sources of Sources radio UK FM 96.3 and Online, please take up this story on your daily programme deliberations. I shall join you in the studios to host some hot programmes that will rekindle old debates about our Ashanti chiefs and the NPP factionalism, debilitating problems obstructing our success as a people and a party.

I dedicate this article to all NPP members, especially those in Kumawu Constituency and our dear “Anotewaa Obaa Yaa” of London.

Rockson Adofo

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