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Opinions of Sunday, 10 April 2011

Columnist: Lamptey, Alfred

Stop politicizing Dagbon issue.

The Dagbon issue at hand is not an issue that needs
political interpretation or political blame, but it is an issue that Ghanaians
must carefully handle since it is a delicate issue. Ghanaians have various
interpretations about
this particular issue. No matter how right one thinks his or her opinion is
concerning this issue, one must also make sure that he or she must exclude the
issue of political criticisms. Who was the cause and how the sad news came
about is a case under investigation and so there is no need for us to be
pointing fingers wrongly at parties.

The chief question that we need to ask is the
question of how we can solve the problem and the arising conflicts. Dear reader
I am using the word "we" because it is not an issue that only the government can
solve. This particular
issue needs the ordinary Ghanaian's opinion in order to make every thing a
success. The issue is seen as a sectional
problem but the real point is that this issue is not a small issue but an issue
that is ready to blow out of proportion if care is not taken by both the
government and all Ghanaians as well. What happened in Dagbon is not a
political issue or was not caused by political fault but a misunderstanding
between two dear tribes is the country.
Let us please treat this issue with the utmost care.

Solving the Dagbon issue must be handled by both
government and the general public or those concerned. The leaders concern
should make it a point to solve this problem. First of all the current
government must make sure that it goes back to what it is written in their
manifesto in order to solve the problem, also there must not be any rush on the
part of the current government in solving this problem because this is a
problem that needs careful investigations and ascertain to the fact that the
people that will be bought out will be the culprits.

Government also need to calm down the Dagbon youth
form further destruction since this will not help in the developmental projects
of the current government and the country as a whole. What the current
government needs to do is to come out boldly and convince the Dagbon youth that
every thing will be well but what is needed is time, or better still the
president can call the leaders (chiefs) of the tribes in question and convince
them beyond every reasonable doubt that everything will be all right. I am
saying the two tribes over here because, if the president do not involve the
Dagbon rivals, what will happen is that the Abudu tribe will also take on to
their clubs and machete if any of their members are accused and arrested wrongly
again. The president therefore needs
to pay attention to calming down this particular tension in the system then
later on find those involved and a permanent solution.

The members of Dagbon must also make sure that they
calm down and listen to the government since the government alone can solve the
problem and let peace and justice prevail. Anger leading to destruction is not
the answer to this particular situation. The government must know that for
every particular problem, there is a better and reasonable solution to it. The
government should find that solution.

Lamptey Alfred