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Opinions of Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Columnist: Adzigodi, Dennis Narterh

Stop This Shameful Rumour


THEME: Stop This Shameful Rumour

Prior to the 2008 elections the health of the then candidate Prof. Atta Mills became a major campaign issue. Some unprofessional media houses without authenticating their source announced Pro. Mills had died in South Africa. Five months into elections 2012, the rumour on the death of President Mills has been set in motion again . Do we know the damage this rumour has done and continue to do to our economy? What do we hope to achieve by this latest rumour on the death of our President? Is it to cause fear and panic in the public or to jeopardize his(President Mills) chances in the upcoming elections? Whatever be the motive it is unthinkable why people will hatch such a diabolical plan. Such an act should not go unpunished We are all mortal beings thus we owe our existence to God. Death is inevitable but unpredictable, it is therefore wicked and demonic to wish someone dead.

The perpetrators of this shameful and UNGODLY act MUST repent and put a stop to it to avoid the wrath of God. This is not the time for negative and unprofitable rumour mongering, instead we must come together to contribute our quota in making life worth living.

Daniel Osabutey

Initiator of Get Together Movement ( 0277-722587

SOURCE: Dennis Narterh Adzigodi.