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Opinions of Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Columnist: Kirk-Mensah

Stop Destroying the NDC

Heavenly intervention gave the N.D.C the keys to the seat of governance, after a highly competitive election in December 2008 where the N.P.P’s Nana Akufo –Addo was leading the current president in the 1st round of the elections, it took the miracle that happened in the 2nd run off to kick the incumbent Governmental candidate out of office. So former president Kuffour handed over the mantle of leadership to his Excellency Professor John Evans Fiffi asomdwehene Atta Mills.

Barely 15 months of President Mills’s administration in office some N.D.C fans want to destroy the future of the only active social democratic party Government in Ghana.

I believe the N.D.C fans should thank God for bringing the party into power and I believe the elders, foot soldiers and for that matter rank and file of the NDC Party are now living emotionally comfortable, than the times that the “Elephant” was humiliating our leaders and other supporters. In fact I can vouch that the umbrella is gradually opening up its mighty mantle to embrace everybody under its cool and refreshing shade of protection, tranquillity, equity and serenity.

So many people who in the party are now beginning to reckon the principles and noble motions contained in the social democratic ideology and the current leader has incarnated in his governance an imprint of some social democratic agenda and wants to unfold it in the Ghanaian democratic process.

If some of us have forgotten too soon the toil and hard times we went through for almost 8yrs. They should spare us the humiliation of jeopardizing our Government and for that matter the fate of the NDC party if by their own unlawful and indiscipline plus self complacency, they let President Atta Mills and his Government down. Some party fans or should I say fanatics are even prophesying doom for the party in the future. The way some of these so called NDC youth and/or fans are castigating the president and his team as if the president has committed any crime by joining the party and leading the party to victory

In every human institution there are internal conflicts but going to the extent of washing the dirty linen outside our home is not fair. The type of government Prof. Mills has shown so far is something we need to encourage and give applause. In fact to me we can not compare it to other governments we have enjoyed in the recent past.

The level of governance prof. Mills is taking us through need total support and not condemnation from his own party faithful.

If we want this party to be alive in the future we should give the president the needed support but if we continue to make the present government led by president Mills and vice president Mahama unpopular then we are digging our own graves and if as result of this rampant non constructive criticism, morals and aspirations of people are destroyed, then we should forget 2012 and never dream of coming to power again.

All over the world things are very difficult and governments are trying to fix the unemployment situations and I have not seen inside party criticism like what is happening to the almighty AKATAMANSO.

I am not saying if things are not going on well we should not air our views but I think there are also appropriate measures to channel our grievances but the way we are doing is not fair. Ex president Rawllings got the total support and his era. So also Ex president kuffour was fully supported by his party during his eight years period though things were not going on well and I think President Mills needs the support of all Ghanaians especially the N.D.C members.

President Mills before the elections was a leader of the N.D.C but after 7th January 2009 he became the leader of all GHANAIANS and not only N.D.C. The former president Rawllings was just advising the youth open their eyes and report matters of corruption to appropriate authorities but not take laws into their own hands disturb the peace we are enjoying, they should know there are laws governing the state and every Ghanaian should respect it irrespective of political affiliation

I have confidence in President Mills and if we back him, he will leave a significant mark the past president was not able to do!

His Excellency, Prof. John Evans Fifii Atta Mills, his vice His Excellency John Dramani Mahama and the entire Executive Body, need our prayers, respect and support to achieve the better Ghana agenda. But if we want to pool them down because of selfish interest of some individuals and for that matter they fail, it is not only President Mills and his Government that has failed, but the National Democratic Congress and eventually Ghana nation.

Long live Prof. Mill’s Administration! Long live the Rawllingses Long live National Democratic Congress! Long live Ghana! I love you all

From : kirk-mensah (Italy chapter N.D.C)