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Opinions of Monday, 2 October 2017

Columnist: Arnold Mensah Elavanyo

Stonebwoy's concert: Let's pay extra attention to security

Stonebwoy's Ashaiman to the world concert was a total shut down but not without security lapses. One would say majority of the people were safe. Yes that could be true. But the man for the main event, for which reason everybody else was there wasn't fully secured In my opinion. The event had a befitting stage to match up with stonebwoy's global status. Lighting was just super.

Even though the stage was wide and strong enough, there was no need having half or almost half of it being filled with people who had nothing or little to do right on there. That was unacceptable. The artiste's manager or hypes man, or any other very important member whose presence on the stage would be vital to the artiste, could be allowed. Aside from that, all the 'selfie taking' gentlemen should have been sent down.

The first stone throw attempt on Stonebwoy on his way to the stage through the crowd should have been hint enough to clear all the "skinny ass dudes" from the stage. The patrons needed to have a 3D look of the artiste and his performance. The stage situation even got worse when Shatta joined him on the stage. Anybody with dubious intentions could have easily harmed any of the two artists or even both of them. Again, an overly excited fan could have also ended up hurting them.

Even when we move away from the security threats the situation posed, in terms of performance, it took a lot away from the headline artist. For Christ sake, the show was his...and he needed space to perform to the delight of his fans not to just jump around cautiously with the fear of bumping into some "selfie or live coverage dude". The fans will always scream and sing along, but the performance is found in the properly crafted, planned, coordinated and execution of the act the artiste puts up.

Let's pay extra attention to security next time. That said, I think bhimmation Should be applauded for putting up this show once more. Shatta Wale should be applauded for not making a fool out of the fans who went there to see himself and the bhim president perform. Xylophone media should be applauded for their massive involvement. And the fans, oya applaud yourselves too. #MyReview #Vibesin5