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Opinions of Friday, 17 August 2018

Columnist: Michael Jarvis Bokor

Still on the Mensa Otabil flop

Pastor Mensa Otabil, General-overseer of ICGC Pastor Mensa Otabil, General-overseer of ICGC

Folks, as public interest in the mismanagement and misappropriation of funds by the failed banks, especially the one that had Mensa Otabil in authority (whether fully executive or non-executive) soars, we will continue to make comments on the matter as we deem fit.

He has already given a public statement that darkens him more than cleanses him, regarding the huge sand-castles that he has used his sponsored inspirational talk sessions to build, which doesn’t jive with the astronomical failure of the bank that he chaired and should have used the benefits of his exhortative inspirational talks to prop up instead of collapsing.

Once in the public eye and not doing anything to erase the negative impressions that put him there for disdain/calumny, he remains a laughing stock. But he is just the typical dark spot, what Shakespeare would tease as a microcosm in a macrocosm!!

We have enough insights into happenings in our country---viewed against the smokescreen that the so-called powerful people have set up behind which they operate clandestinely and unconscionably to steal public funds only to rush out in broad daylight to point accusing and gossipping fingers at political opponents as the culprits---to know who the real thieves of public funds are.

Mensa Otabil’s case tells us so; and it is more than the tip of the iceberg, especially when he isn’t owning up but finding useless excuses to exonerate himself as if doing so will restore the failed bank to its status for the good of its depositors and Ghana. How do such people think at all?

Unfortunately for them, the political system that they work feverishly to establish may protect them only to a point. Too much water piling up behind the dam causes havoc. And disowning them won’t be difficult for the political powers that-be. (Can you not tell why Akufo-Addo and Bawumia have been quiet over this scandal?)

That is what is happening to Mensa Otabil. Others of his type who led the NPP's cacophonous chorus of "The Battle is of the Lord's" will follow suit. And very soon because they have left traces behind them. That is the lot of political neophytes hiding behind the pulpit to do things anyhow. Truly, God never sleeps.

The despicable Isaac Owusu-Bempah has more on his table than he can cope with. He will be next, especially when the horn that he gave Akufo-Addo begins blowing itself. Yet, he is accusing a fellow-pastor of operating on the basis of satanic powers that he had contracted from a shrine.

I am no stranger to the inanity that this Owusu-Bempah encapsulates.

But this is not his hour; it is Mensa Otabil's; and I should keep the searchlight on him because he has crossed the line. Poor people seeking to do business with the bank that he superintended over are now destitute because his fellow accomplices in the position of trust have turned everything upside down by collapsing the bank. And the government is doing the hanky-panky rhetorical business with it all? Why are some of these people so heartless, folks?

(And to recall that Akufo-Addo was in Sunyani telling victims of the failed DKM operations that if they voted for him he would pay them back their investments only to close his ears really tight to anything thereafter. Isn't that murderous?)

What has emerged thus far in the case of Mensa Otabil is not only eye-popping but it is also a clear call for us all to wake up so we can clip the wings of such obnoxious characters abusing the “Word of God”.

None should be allowed to continue leaving everything about the human condition to God as if God is in the habit of coming down from the heavens to help human beings (the very beings that he created in his own likeness and endowed with the faculty to think deeply and know how to use the resources given them to improve their lives on earth before dying and being called to give an account of their stewardship on earth---according to the Christian Bible. Other faiths may have their own versions).

Let's remember that as human beings, we have only this earth to occupy. If we can't make it conducive to occupy, we are more than doomed.

That is why anything involving those mounting rooftops to pontificate about holiness and success only to come across as total failures should concern us.

Mensa Otabil has set the ball rolling and we will not spare him. Those standing by him come across as pitiable captives of inanity.

Interestingly, they have no power to stop the exposure. Like the Mensa Otabils that they thoughtlessly support, they lack insights into religious principles, precepts, and injunctions. The Otabils, though, are at the mercy of the very forces that they have created and propped up to be where they unjustifiably have been all this while until being exposed as the thieves, liars, and murderers that they have been all along to our blind side.

From what has happened in Otabil's case, we now have a huge window of opportunity to see through so we can nail them. Even if we can't do so now, their own wretched consciences will do the job for us.

As is said in Ghana, "God no be Alataman". Na true talk, my brothers and sisters.

The Mensa Otabils can't know what we have known all along that "Shouting too much "Halleluia" all over the place doesn't mean piety.

Do these charlatans ever pause to know why the Catholic Pope himself doesn't go the distance that they (the African charlatans, especially) go, even though the foundation of the "CHURCH" was built on the "Pope" (Peter being the first "Rock", even though he denied Jesus thrice (at the poke of a question by a small girl) and ran back to his occupation as a fisherman before retracing his steps to build the Church)?

Do Ghanaians not know that all that the CHURCH entails is in the vault of the Vatican? Why would they not want to question what all these thieves in cassock (disappointed school drop-outs in most cases or unfulfilled whatever) do in the name of Jesus when they haven't even been to the Vatican to see the hordes of literature and materials on Christianity?

Folks, my experiences have given me a lot that I may want to share with you when time permits. The point is that for Otabil to even move outside his chosen circle as a "Man-of-God" to become a mundane overseer of a banking sector brings to mind the Judas Iscariot element, not to talk about the tax collector that Matthew was before converting.

In any case, Judas Iscariot was also in charge of the finances of the Jesus team, meaning that he knew how money could play vital roles in the affairs of Christianity, which he exploited, betraying Jesus and the entire Ministry for 30 pieces of whatever only to throw it away and perish.

On his part, Matthew heard Jesus' call and abandoned his worldly role of tax collection (Mammon) to become one of the fishers of men (some kind of vague spiritual cloak that he wore until whatever happened to send him where he belonged).

The point is that Mammon and Christianity cannot be bed-fellows. As Jesus demonstrated throughout his Ministry, no one can serve two masters appropriately. It's there for all to refer to: you either hate one and love the other or.....

In effect, once Otabil and Co. chose to be in the world and not of the world, giving them any responsibility that has to do with "money matters" doesn't only corrupt their Ministry but it also sets them up for failure. Money is a huge devilish magnet that attracts and kills.

It is the same as sex---lustfulness---, regardless of who is involved. The Christian Bible has a lot to tell us and our own Ghanaian situation says a lot. Any of those so-called "Men-of-God" mixing worldly things with the spiritual ones can't survive.

Let me cut it short here to say that by the mere stroke of his own mindlessness and inherent con-business, Mensa Otabil has fallen. He can go about making noise to justify whatever his place or role is in this failed bank business. Nothing will restore glory to him. I have said it all this while that I know why I am harsh toward him and others behaving as if they are the only pebble at the beach.

Folks, I am happy to have preached to you tonight. Hate or love me for it, I am that I am, writing my thoughts out there as I choose to. No holds barred.

More will follow.