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Opinions of Thursday, 4 August 2011

Columnist: Amponsah, Jerry

Stan Dogbe: Shame on you Stanley

Stan Dogbe: The “nincompoop,” and his sexual scandal!!!

“Shame on you Stanley. Stanley you are such a shame to the Presidency. No wonder we are having problems in the NDC. If we have nincompoops like you at the Castle, no wonder things are so bad. Bull***t! Stanley, today I have seen how empty you are. NPP was so smart. Stanley, I thought you were wise but I never knew you are a nincompoop. I never knew you are an idiot like this. Stanley you are too much of a shame. Bull***t man, a nincompoop like you,” said Hon. Michael Teye Nyaunu, NDC MP to the sex-starved.

The lawmaker meant every bit of his words against the once fallen media honcho who hit rock bottom for a hotel sex scandal in 2006.

My humble question: What is the wastrel’s actual job description or is he dogsbody in the President Atta Mills government? He is a greedy hanger-on, who has added up to the extra obesity to a socialist government that is supposed to be ‘lean’. He is a painful liability to the state.

The NDC government is at war with the media, so the need to beef up the communication set-up with Joseph Goebbels, to thicken its skin. Among them is Stanislav Xoese Dogbe, the Presidential Aide for Mills-Mahama administration. He has been engaged to spew ‘myths’, and to force it to sound convincing. Do Ghanaians look like dittoheads or dumbasses? Stan Dogbe, a sex racketeer who used to wear chadors when going public, after the Georgia Hotel’s crazy and disgraceful spectacle in Kumasi, Ashanti Region in 2006.

Ghanaians are not oblivious about the facts of the April 2006 humiliating and festering sexual scandal that hit the airwaves. This made him a cassowary at the Multimedia Group. He thought well to engage in such a destructive rape scandal. There was no queue of people ready to employ him.

The government has committed an extreme grave mistake, for failing to conduct intensive background checks on him before his appointment. Did Joy FM fire him or did he resign voluntarily as the Head of Programmes? He muscled his way to find a spot in the presidency, presents himself as an anchor to feed on the government largesse. He hijacked GTV at the Sunyani NDC congress. No one should tell you that this fellow has a character problem.

As the ‘Christian’ that he claims to be, it is both sinful and irresponsible on the part of the president to shield Stan Dogbe who has strongly refused to undergo redemption.

The president needs not to be dead calm over such an ugly “verbal violence” he launched on the recent Majority Causes political talk show on Multimedia President Atta Mills recently called on political commentators and others to be responsible in their utterances. In the same wise, one expects him to be more responsible in dealing with Stan. His ‘boy’s action was quite barbaric. Proof has been piled upon proof, yet the government is taking no action against him rather supports the immoral acts. The Asawase MP, Hon. Muntaka and others have been forced to resign, why not Stan Dogbe? President Atta Mills should not tell Ghanaians that, he is a leader who talks from both sides of his mouth. The good people of Ghana challenge the courage and cleverness of the president to take immediate action.

Rewind, this is the same folk who bilked the nation to the tune of GH169, 000 for hampers distribution to few journalists in 2009. He publicly admitted to the offence.

If the editorial was libelous, then somebody should go to jail for it. Why won’t Stan Dogbe in the capacity of his bogus Presidential Aide of the Republic of Ghana drag the paper to the law court for libel?

He does not look genteel for a public office.

Instead of using the qualities attained from educational instructions, this person throws wisdom to the wind, for scraps under the table, how sad.

The good people are not deaf to the thunder.

I am not expecting catastrophe, but there are cracks in the universe!

Jerry Amponsah (Sabbato) Communications Group NPP, New York.