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Opinions of Monday, 27 June 2011

Columnist: Sani, Abu

Staff Of Adisco Want To See The Exit Of This Azaa Headmaster

For the staff of Adisco, the only remedy to bring this great school to its former glory is for the Ministry of Education, the Old Boys Association and the Anglican Church to show this money- making charlatan of a Headmaster the exit. Failure to do that will elongate the spate of embarrassment and disgrace that has engulfed this great school since the investiture of this man. Let any body come to this school and witness for him self the mess that has been created. The “Wiseman” of Adisco calls himself an ACHIEVER because to him nobody has ever done what he has been able to do. What should the Paa Colos, the Sir Sam Jonah’s, and the Kenny Agyepong’s say?, just to mention a few.

And what are those achievements of the “Wiseman”? That,

• He was made a chief Examiner after marking WAEC papers for only 4 years.

• He has many suits of which he lends some to his colleague headmasters. I pity those headmasters.

• He says he was awarded Ghana’s most effective Headmaster in 2009. Who gave the award? Funny enough, even headmasters who had not taken up posts were awarded. Is this an award to be proud of?

• He provides supper for the Regional Directors of Education. Indeed he forced the docile Adisco staff to donate money as a send-off package for a Regional Director of Education some five years ago. • He renovated the Regional Director’s residence. Evidence to appear soon.

• He said when he took over as H.M of Adisco the best results ever produced by any student in the school was four (A’s) in all exams and that the results improved from four (A’s) to -five (A’s) to- six (A’s) to -seven (A’s) to -eight (A’s) during his tenure in office. This blatant lie was proven to be unfounded. He fabricated those results to convince old boys that he was doing well. Indeed in 2004 students had seven (A’s) under the late headmaster.

• The son flies first class because he gave admission to a “Big” officer’s son who works at the Airport. The man reciprocated by offering his son a first class ticket. Is it a nice way of accepting bribe? Where did the son get his so-called scholarship from? Scholarship indeed!

• By the stroke of his pen he can make or unmake teachers so all teachers should see no evil, talk no evil and hear no evil. Everybody in the school must submit. If he craves for loyalty I suggest he goes for a dog. Adisadel College is not FONKAR OR GAME.

• He was born with the gift of oratory and can extricate himself from any form of mishap So Mr. H.M. can you tell the world how much is spent on food alone for you and your family? The school matron will answer for this soon.

• Suppliers of food and items to the school are obliged to pay commission to his office.

• He compelled all kitchen staff to pay for a ladle each after one ladle got missing. • Where is the House dues meant for paying watchmen in the various Houses? • After deceiving old boys to sponsor him to the US, one of them allegedly bought him a car because he was ordained by God to head Adisco. It turned out nobody bought him a car. He bought his own car. Say the truth and be free. • He bought two cars for two pastors.

• Compelled the Contractor who built the New Block to do his bidding. Contributions towards a certain funeral.

• Demonstrated before parents at the PTA meeting how a student impregnated a girl from the village next to the school. Is this part of the achievement? • Made the school workers abandon their normal duties to work on his Hostel for one month without any remuneration. Mr. “JOSEPH” PROPHESIED HEADMASTER, WE ARE TIRED OF YOU. There is more to come to show how this fake “achiever” and “Wiseman” only came to enrich himself and his family. After all he owns 17 plots of land and was bold enough to tell the students of “this achievement” forgetting that the money belonged to the same students and their parents.

The recent visit to the school by the Board Chairman to elicit information from the staff was always going to be a failure. Indeed the PTA Chairman prepared a questionnaire for teachers to seek their opinions on issues in the school but the Assistant Headmaster Administration who does the dirty work for the “Wiseman” sat on the questionnaires. If the Board Chairman wants proper information from the school, he should get the teachers questionnaires and he will be shocked of the kind of revelations that will come out.

What about the Assistant H.M. Administration who supplies firewood to the school. Information reaching this desk indicates that when the firewood is brought only half is unloaded and the other half sent to town for sale. Is it the same man who beat the school electrician? What about the 1,700 Ghana cedis meant for computer repairs? Adisco is indeed sitting on a time bomb. Asem beba dabi!