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Opinions of Saturday, 16 January 2016

Columnist: Mayor, Kwame

Open Letter To His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama

January 13, 2016

FROM: "Kwame Mayor"

Democracy Activist & Civil Rights Leader


>>> (Re): Your Message of Compassion for Ex-Guantanamo Suspected Terrorists (Vs) Compassion for Native Ghanaians

Hi Your Excellency,

This is a Moral, and Ethical question.

You have asked Ghanaians to show Compassion for the Ex-Guantanamo Suspected Terrorists

I sent you Electronic copies of my Good Samaritan appeal for Compassion for a Native Ghanaian, a Fanti, like your Predecessor, former President Atta Mills, by the name of Herbert Abaka-Daniels, who was once living Abroad --- United States, in Southern California, graduated in Business Administration from University of Southern California ( USC); where you delivered a speech last year; became a Real Estate Agent in the Valley area in Los Angeles County, (until he unfortunately suffered from Stroke) --- and now stranded in Ghana, where according to him, and his Family members, he is Penniless, and Financially suffering too much !!!

If the Ex-Guantanamo Alqueda Foot Soldiers, as Ghana's Foreign Minister described them as "Foot Soldiers" described them --- need your Compassion as a Native Ghanaian, and the Compassion of other Native Ghanaians, or (all) Ghanaians, regardless whether Natural born Ghanaians, Naturalized Ghanaians, Dual Citizenship Ghanaians, or Birth Right Ghanaians, why can't Herbert Abaka-Daniels, my school mate, and fellow Native Ghanaian, also get Compassion ?

I am a Pan-Africanist, Natural born Ghanaian, and a Native Asante --- Yet, I am the one, and the only one, who has publicly, and repeatedly appealed to Ghanaians, via my Electronic News Bulletins, which I sent a copy to you, for Good Samaritan Ghanaians, and Good Samaritan "Friends of Ghana", to help the Stroke victim, and Financially suffering Herbert Abaka Daniels, an innocent Ghanaian, and innocent Fante.

>>> Still dwelling on the principles of Compassion, I tried many times to demonstrate my Compassion to contribute my quota to your "Better Ghana" agenda, and repeatedly sent you copies of my Resume to serve Ghana, and to even campaign for you. --- Yet, for about four Months, after showering you (His Excellency, John Mahama), with genuine praises, which at least, you thanked me as an act of Civility!!! ---(unlike former President John Agyekum Kufuor, whose Camp systematically implemented several of my published Strategic ideas in Ghanaian Newspapers, especially, Ghanaweb.Com, yet he (Kufuor) did not even have the simple courtesy to thank me, especially the National Reconciliation Strategic idea which I personally gave to Kufuor in Los Angeles, California, in the presence of Eye-Witnesses, before he (Kufuor) became President) --- you (His Excellency, President John Mahama), have ignored my plea to answer me either "yes, or no", for my inquiry whether I can serve your "Better Ghana" agenda, or even to volunteer for your campaign

Why should Ex-Guantanamo Alqueda Foot Soldiers have your Compassion, and the Compassion of other Ghanaians, better than Human Compassion for me, who wants to serve Ghana, or volunteer for your campaign, and for about four Months, you have not answered either "yes, or no" ?

You promised in your reply to me --- to make a decision when you return from your trip to South Africa last year

As I write, January 13, 2016, you still have not answered to my simple question whether I can serve in your " Better Ghana" agenda, or even volunteer for your campaign

If somebody of my calibre, whose published Strategic ideas have successfully been implemented by the White House, and by governments in Ghana, cannot get a simple "yes, or no" answer from a democratically elected President of Ghana, then what kind of Democracy is this ?

Even former President Bill Clinton's White House immediately replied to my request to volunteer for United States of America, even though I was (not) born in USA

And moreover, even United States of America, the Leader of the Free World, has allowed me to run for President of United States, due to the benefits of my "Intellectual Brain Power" --- even though I was born in Ghana --- outside United States

Your Excellency, Native born Ghanaians, also deserve Equal Right, and Humanitarian Compassion, as the ex- Guantanamo Suspected Terrorists, (who should have been put on Fair, and Impartial Trial by former President George W. Bush's Administration --- (if former President George W.Bush's Administration really believed in the Civility of Democracy, Freedom, and Liberty) --- surely deserve Human Compassion to change their lives from the Evils of Terrorism, if they are indeed Terrorists, proven in a transparent, fair, and impartial Trial in a Civilized Democratic system, as mostly practiced in United States --- still, the Leader of the Free World !!!

All Ghanaians, regardless of Tribe, Ethnicity, and Religion, need ("Equal Rights, and Justice !!!"), as Legendary Peter Tosh said in his Lyrics --- "Equal Rights, and Justice !!!"


Uhuru Times

>>>(Signed for release): "Osagyefo Dr" Kwame Mayor