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Opinions of Monday, 20 July 2020

Columnist: Sharon N. Alenda

Socioeconomic empowerment for women

With the growing female African Diaspora on an all time rise. There are many ways to create a living wage for all women in order for us to feed our children and clothe ourselves. The guiding factor is “ How can I empower myself as a woman to prosper after so much time, effort and education”.

We have to look at those women in the villages of the continent of Africa in the rural parts of many Afircan nations that do bear children with a man and have absolutely nothing to show for after.

We have to implement a system where great change and a permanent change can take place economically for women who are prepared to take steps in professional business, the social sciences, healthcare as a profession, and even agriculture and a plethora of other sectors that can professionally lead to great gain and or feminine wealth.

Human capital may seem to be a strange notation in everyday life. But human capital does matter a great deal in the world of economics. Ms. Sharon N. Alenda is removing the barrier placed on women directly and she believes that no one should stand in her way; be it male or female.

After a while of watching an economic surplus goes down for many years now through the past ten years. All one can do is apply the knowledge to adjust the situation for every woman out there suffering from a financial and or emotional set back.

What a woman takes home as her allowances or, paycheck or salary is a beneficial factor in how we place women single or married in society.
Finances do matter for the sake of the woman and the girl child.