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Opinions of Monday, 24 May 2021

Columnist: Kasim Smith

Societal perception of single-use of anklet

File photo of an anklet File photo of an anklet

I am comparing cultures and Biblical teachings with regards to anklets.

In the cultures of the Egyptians they did wear a pair of anklet or each on a foot and even the Prophet Isaiah used it and taught them about the attitude and behaviour of the daughters of Zion and reprove and warn them of their sins in Isaiah 3:16-24.

Nearly, all jewelry accessories have a rich and vibrant history, and the anklet is not different. According to fashion historians, women wore anklets as early as 6,000 B.C.-3100 B.C.

These early people constructed anklets from precious stones and metals found in nature and wore them to denote status and social rank.

Slaves wore leather anklets, while affluent brides and wives flaunted lavish anklets made of precious metals and gemstones.

It is never wrong among the Krobos, Ewes and some tribes in Ghana to put on anklets however it comes in pair or wore on both ankle and foot just like the Egyptians' culture.

The Ghanaian society does not see anything wrong when it is worn on both legs and ankle, but this is the societal meaning of the single-use ones- I am single and searching for a man. Again, society perceived that these single ones are used or wore by prostitutes.

Not long ago, the past Attorney General in Ghana between the year 2016-2020, Miss Gloria Akufo was seen wearing a single anklet in Parliament and this became the topic of the day because of how society perceived the use of single anklet.

Miss Gloria Akufo had this response to Lexis Bills, the DriveTime host of Joy Fm - “It is not just anklets really, I love beads and coming from Dangme I grew up wearing beads.

This anklet was given to me by a young lady friend of mine. So it is a token I wear in remembrance of that young lady who found me inspiring enough as a mentor…so I am wearing it for her really.”

So the intention of the wearer is also another factor to be considered but how will our society read the wearer's intention? "Asem sebe".

However, to add to the Bible quotation above, verse 18 of Isaiah chapter 3, you will see - tickling ornaments about their feet. And feet is the plural form of the word foot.

It means even the Egyptians were not putting on single ones as we see in our African settings.

These pairs are commonly used by the Akan mothers on their babies. Traditionally, these are used to check the growth of the babies.

Women who perform the ‘Adowa’ dance among the Ashantis in Ghana are usually seen with a beautiful anklet on each leg or ankle.

So this should tell you that the society we live in do not see anything wrong when the anklet is put on both foot or ankle but has a negative perception about the single-use of anklet or in other words put on just a leg.

The Christians must also note that it is not written anywhere in the Bible that putting on pair of the anklet is a sin, but the wearer's intention that matters. However, the wearer has society perception to battle with.

Moreover, if you feel your intentions are right why don't you wear these single anklet to a job interview as a young graduate searching for a job and let's see whether you will get the job! Or wear it to meet your boyfriend's parent for the first time.

Our African society cannot be judged for its negative perception of the single-use of anklet because individuals who first used or introduced the single-use of these anklets were commercial sex workers in the early days.

This was a means of inviting their clients or advertising themselves to the general public of their status due to the stigma associated with their means of survival, prostitution.

These days commercial sex trading has taken a new dimension that you do not need to put on a single anklet to make a sign of your statuses. Just a swap of your phone or a browse of the internet and you're booked!

The single anklet on your foot

What beauty will a single anklet add to your beauty? Beauty is mostly defined by the lady's depth of knowledge, attitude and behaviour, culture and appearance i.e. shape and complexion.

As a man, before any lady speaks to me the first thing that attracts me or catches my attention on a woman is her shape and complexion before her attitude and behaviour, not what she is having on her legs.

The beauty of a lady's feet is the shape or curve, how smooth the skin is and sometimes the hairs on them.

Clearly, these anklets do you add anything to your beauty but makes society look down, disrespect, degrade you and put you in a class or status you do not belong. My dear friends, wives, and sisters, you can do without these single-use anklets!

You're even more beautiful without them! Do not let others or society perceive you as "such". An opportunity they say comes but ones. Do not let any opportunity pass you by because of anklet!

A word to a wise is enough