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Opinions of Friday, 9 June 2017

Columnist: Mohammed kamaldeen

Social media, a fuel behind the increasing sexual immorality among Ghanaian youth

The Ghanaian youth have mistaken the social media as a platform for sharing sexual intimacies, instead of connecting individuals and ground breaking ideas to help uplift our sinking nation, which is quite appalling.

We say the future of the nation rest on the shoulders of the youth, I wonder what future is installed for our beloved nation as the shoulders of the youth are being de-escalated by their lust, all the youth of Ghana are interested in is, sexual pleasures. Sex has become the priority of the youth, our thoughts are flooded by the fancies of sexual pleasures and the social media serves as a medium for us to share it,

The youth of Ghana are not interested in sharing ideas, nor are we interested in discussing our heritage, neither are we much interested in policies that affects us.

The minds, hearts, bodies and souls of the youth are veiled and engulfed with lustful intimacies, this has manacled the youth as the visionaries, optimists and leaders they ought to be and turning the Ghanaian youth into a bunch of sex expects.

I find it quite disheartening and dismaying when I scroll through the posts of the supposed ‘future of Ghana’ on social media platforms, we stay on social media all day and all week discussing stuff that has no good for the future, when there is a heavy down pour, we have no interest in sowing a seed today, so that it may bare a fruit in the futurity, we are only interested in being naked and getting laid, when the lights go out, we are not interested in brainstorming on new energy sources and production, we are only interested in being naked and getting laid, when aurora sets in, we are no interested in what we give to our nation today, we are only interested in being naked and getting laid.

We are prisoners shackled in caves by our fancies of sexual pleasures and lustful intimacies, we therefore see nothing except the shadows of reality, we have lost focus of the purpose of our being, all we sought to do in life is to work at a mediocre job we despise to get some riches, enjoy the best of sexual pleasures and then lay down and die, nay, we have to give something to the nation and the universe to continue further evolution.

Reality is like a map, we follow it the whole of life and doom is unto who with the wrong map. The youth of Ghana seem to hold fast to a wrong map which will lead not only to their demise, but the demise of the entire nation. We have lost our true purpose and are therefore guided by fallacious ‘reality’.

Reality is developed by our daily interactions with individuals and the society, and as social media is now at the pic of youth interaction, it is the basis of our constructed reality, since we are often sharing unhealthy sexual intimacies on social media, it has crept into our perception of reality and purpose of life, not only for the individuals sharing it but for the millions of readers and viewers.

When one visit any of the social media and is unfortunate to see these posts, one might be immediately swerved to embracing that realm of reality, thus it is like an airborne disease that spreads through the nation’s youth, killing their brilliant minds and beautiful hearts and poisoning them with unhealthy lustful intimacies This is inevitably a major contributor to Ghana’s backwardness, no matter how great a leader is, he cannot lead to the promise land, a bunch horny youth who think of nothing but sex.

The truth must be told about the sprawling of the youth’s longing desire to engage or share lustful intimacies on social media, for only then can there be hope for our nation. The nation is sick, the truth about the sickness might be a bitter taste of medicine for the youth, but just like patients, we need it.

The youth of Ghana need to reconstruct their map of reality, there must be a mind shift of their perception of the purpose of life and their responsibility to the nation and the universe at large.

We the youth need to understand that, there is more we can give to Ghana and the world at large, but first we need to embrace our purpose of life, unshackle ourselves and free ourselves from the prison of sexual desires and lustful intimacy. We the youth must be the change we wish to see in Ghana, the change does not start with them, neither does it start with us, the change we wish to see starts with ‘YOU’ and ‘I’.