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Opinions of Monday, 15 August 2016

Columnist: Bokor, Michael J. K.

So far, so good for the NDC's campaign launch; not so?

Mammoth of crowd at National Democratic Congress's campaign ground Mammoth of crowd at National Democratic Congress's campaign ground

Folks, having monitored happenings so far regarding the launching of the NDC's national campaign toward Election 2016, I am more than satisfied at the preparations. At least, snippets of all the snapshots and messages reaching me indicate that all is set for the event to shake the ground. Good luck to all.

Having blazed the trail, the NDC should maintain its head-start advantage and challenge its opponents to prove their worth through "evidence-based" manifestations and not the overly stupid false allegations of malfeasance and incompetence that they are parading all over the place as if doing so will change the voters' mind to put them in power.

For once, Ghanaians know that the going has been tough for them all these years, even long before independence. They know that lack of infrastructure is a major problem, which is why they appreciate the provision of such facilities in any guise at all. They know also that providing such facilities involves huge expenditure and that if Ghana cannot raise the money to do so, it must look to its friends in the international community for support. What, then, is wrong with contracting loans for that matter?

That awareness is deep, which is why the fixation of the governments' political opponents on the country's debt problem isn't gaining them any traction. After all, if a country is not credit-worthy, will any donor be foolish to give it loans (that they know it cannot repay)?

Many issues of this sort should give the NDC an advantage in its politicking to bring the Ghanaian voters on board.

The launching of this national campaign in Cape Coast is crucial, especially if we recognize the fact that the announcement regarding the birth of the NDC was made at a similar gathering in Cape Coast in 1992. Why Cape Coast? Why Oguaaman for the launching of the NDC's national campaign, especially at this time that the traditional ban on noise-making had to be broken?

Having worked at Cape Coast for 8 years and knowing what the area means to Ghanaian politics, I am convinced that the NDC has made a strategic move to put everything about its politics in the correct perspective. After all, before Accra became Ghana's national capital city in 1897, wasn't Cape Coast the citadel? How about the relevance of Cape Coast and its environs to our modern-day politics?

How about all the forts, castles, and other historical monuments in the area to awaken Ghanaians to the reality of our rich history if only we know what we have struggled through to be what we are today and want to be tomorrow? It is all about STRUGGLE and not an easy roller-coaster ride!! No one gave the Gold Coast anything on a silver platter.

No one has given Ghana anything on a silver platter, which is why it is important for us to seriously interrogate and reject all the gimmicks from those claiming to have a magic wand to solve Ghana's problems if only the electorate will reject the incumbent Lion of Gonja (John Dramani Mahama) and the NDC. Those who seek to build the future do not waste time prating over the past or inciting violence as a means to attain political power. That is what the NDC seeks to point out, using Cape Coast as its political fulcrum!!

Interestingly, the Vice President (Kwesi Amissah-Arthur) is a legitimate indigene of Cape Coast. I know him very well and can attest to his capabilities, even if he is self-effacing. He represents the true values of Cape Coast that all genuine Cape Coasters will be proud of. Call it anything you want. Cape Coast stands for nothing but absolute resilience for a good cause. That represents the NDC spirit. For the records, let someone analyze the traditional "Oguaa Akoto" totem, which the uninformed mischievous political characters will miss. Too much at this point.

I will continue to monitor happenings and make my voice heard, especially in commenting on the lapses that I have noticed so far about the NDC's political mobilization strategies and what should be done to raise the tempo and inspire the party's activists to continue doing their utmost best for the political cause that they chose many years ago to pursue, fight for, and sacrifice their lot to sustain. I do so as an avowed admirer of the cause begun by the Great Osagyefo, which in our time has been built on by Jerry Rawlings, highlighted by the late Asomdwehene (Atta Mills) and consolidated by the Lion of Gonja.

it is clear that in pursuing this cause, the going has been tough for many who have suffered adversely either by being discriminated against or simply punished by their political foes. Some have lost life, limb and property while others have suffered indescribable adversities in diverse ways. They remain unsure of where their future political life lies.

Many have even gone to the extent of regretting for sacrificing their lot for the NDC's cause (not to talk about the Rawlings phenomenon that gave birth to the NDC). Yet still, others are torn between remaining with the NDC or sliding to the camp of its nemesis (the NPP).

The choice is not difficult to make if such an ambivalence is well situated. Those regretting for not benefiting from all that they have contributed to the NDC need to bide their time and play their cards properly so that party affiliation and support doesn't become a gamble for them to lose. At a higher level, those in charge of the party's affairs (and invariably, the government) should know how not to bite the fingers feeding them!!

Of course, anybody sacrificing his/her lot for a political cause expects to reap some benefits. And in our Ghanaian situation, such benefits could come in diverse forms.

Those disappointed party die-hards have to be identified and dealt with through some kind of "prophylactics" to know that their sacrifices are not in vain. They should be reactivated to sustain the spirit. A political party that cannot keep its operatives is doomed. The NDC, being a "mass political party" should rise above that depth.

Only then will it reduce to absurdity all the negative politics being done by the dissipated Akufo-Addo and his desperate NPP camp. Harping on hardships facing Ghanaians and twisting everything happening in Ghana in a whirlwind fashion to suit their warped book and rogue politics won't put them in power. That is what must be highlighted at the NDC's event today. I will return with more fire!!

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