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Opinions of Friday, 11 July 2014

Columnist: Ali, Prince Justice

Sissala East District Consumed By Sexual Abuse Time To Investigate, GES.

My brothers and sisters, District Men and Women, it is disheartening that for some days now the Sissala East District is in the news or spotlight for the wrong reasons once again. Several online news sites, etc all recently carried the publications. The most current one entitled edited "The Truth on Sex Saga Stories in the Sissala East District is gradually being confirmed" in which the writer levels very serious allegations of sexual misconduct against some staff in various basic and second cycle schools in the Sissala East District. As a true son of the district, I feel very ashamed and downhearted to hear that my own community Kulfuo/Tarsor is implicated in this shameful practice.

There is no denying the fact that any society that fails to protect its young females from the predatory instincts of unscrupulous men is jeopardising the future of their Girls. So if serious allegations of sexual harassment being levelled against some members of staff in schools in the Sissala East District are true, then we are not only being grossly unfair to our girls but also seriously toying with their future.

While it is heart-warming to hear that one of the schools whose staff have been implicated in those damning stories has established a committee to look into the matter, one wonders if that committee can do a thorough investigation and make effective recommendations that could curb the menace, if the stories turn out to be true. The gravity of the allegations and the sheer number of members of teaching and even non-teaching staff makes it imperative for the GES to constitute a truly non-partisan committee to look into the matter. Otherwise there is the real danger of some culpable persons being covered up. The accused institution cannot be Judge, Jury and Executioner, can it?

Another reason that necessitates the establishment of an independent committee of enquiry is the fact that some of the accused persons are issuing death threats to people they suspect of revealing the secrets of their alleged sexual escapes with their students. Some are also busily trying to discredit the so-called Global Writer who keeps writing about their alleged nefarious activities. The question that arises is: why issue threats to or try to discredit your accuser instead of simply defending yourself and making them look silly?

My brothers and sisters, fellow district Men and Women in conclusion, the DCE, Hon Johnson is entreated to, as a matter of urgency, strive to get to the bottom of this matter. As the political leader of the Sissala East District, he ought to protect the children there, especially the girls since they are more vulnerable. Once again, God save the King and what do I know. I rest my case on this pitiable issue and invite objective and intellectual discourse.

Written by Prince Justice Ali: The Sentimental Advocate For Development and Director of Communications of Young Democrats Sissala East Constituency. Cell: 0204803328.