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Opinions of Saturday, 5 April 2014

Columnist: Yussif, Ikleel

Sir john is a punishment to Nana Addo and NPP.

Before His (Owusu Afriyie) entrance in Politics,the name, Nana Addo evoked awe.His performance as a lawyer and at various post showed how genius he is. Since the citizens new little about him, all kinds of legends became attached to his name. But the moment he came on air and spoke his mind, made that pronouncement of all die be die, the comment that seem to promote ethnocentrism , that grandeur and mystery vanished.He bragged and blustered like a common serial caller, suddenly, he was not at all what people had imagine. The discrepancy between the legend and the reality proved immensely disappointing to those who wanted to believe in their hero.

Had Nana Addo remained quiet,the people would not have had the cause to be offended by him, would never had known his true feelings, he would have mentained his powerful aura, would certaily have been elected President of Ghana, would have been able to acomplish his mission and realized his childhood dream. But human tongue is a beast that few can master.It strains constantly to break out its cage, and if it is not tamed, it will run wild and cause you grief.Power cannot accrue to those who squander their treasure of words.
To increase the woes and dooms of Nana Addo, Mr Owusu Afriyie was elected, the general secretary of NPP thinking he is going to use his experience as a lawyer to garner the party to victory. However, everything in life needs a plan, NPP failed to lai down any solid foundation or strategy.
Mr Owusu Afriyie Alias sir John, who is expected to be responsible and use dynamism to win the trust of the voters, instead went on talking any how, some people even wonder what the deligates saw in him that made them vote for him, he talked to the extent that he has to appologise to the court , saying he was unguarded in his comments,he insulted and slundered
people as if he felt threaened and insecured, forgetting that, the more you say, the more common you appear and the less in control. Much as NDC took advantage of the all die be die to creat an impression that NPP want to cause chaos in the cauntry, fews months after,Sir John began his accusations which he could never substanciated, he said somethings like NDC are planning to rig the election in Ashante region, but we would leave no stone unturned, we would match them booth for booth and that kept on intensifying the people´s trust in NDC´s claims as to NPP are tribalistic and war mongers.
The last thing that made it even more glering that NPP are war mongers is Kennedy Agyanpong´s war declaration on the Ashatis to kill all the Gas and Ewes in Ashante region made the conclusion of what NDC claimed.
Moreover, if you do not plan before entering into a cause of an action,you have the burden of checking every step you make and see if it is yielding a positive result or not . Sir John never bother to find out the public judgement on those behaviours,what was the reaction of the people and even listened to some of the political commentators, he instead attacked any body within and outside the party, if the person dare to tell where and how NPP went wrong.What should one expect if within your party, you have people who do not wish the party well because of behaviour its general secretary?
Sometimes God chooses to punish people with things they think are helping them when in the real sense, those things are doing them more harm than good and the people never noticed it untill all the damege is done.Sir John shouldn´t have been bigger than NPP in the first place but Nana Addo thought, he (Sir john) was doing the right thing, because he was once coated as saying by Radio Gold that´´ to win an altimate power you have to be ruthless´´
Mr Asiedu Nketia, the general secreatary of NDC realised that, sir John was ready to play it rough, so he thought that, to irritate your enem y is the best way to expose his weakness,General mosquito as he is called, always hit NPP in the head and sit back waiting fot them to overreact, thereby exposing their weaknesses, and sir John never realised it, at first when you react. people will see it as normal but later, every body that thinks knows that, the one that reacted is a shallow minded person.When Late Prof Atta Mills was quiet over the insult he was recieving from NPP, people at first criticised him and claimed he is weak but they later came to realised that he was the man that was at power.What i am trying to say is, you have more power when you shut up than making your self vulnerable to attacks from all corners.

Finally, sir john is an experience man, he now can tell that, the ruthlessness is ineffective and must be questioned as to whether he is ready to change his ways when given the chance to continue as general secretary or not.
Then he should know that, Ghana deserves more and it comes first before any partisanship, so who can do it is what Ghana needs .

Ikleel Yussif

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